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Not what I expected

I have never used mango butter before, but I have used other butters. This has a crumbly texture that I did not expect, but the picture shows that texture so I assume it is normal. That makes it easy to measure small amounts and it worked great in my soap.

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Lovely Butter for Soap and Salves/Lotion Bars

A friend and I recently dove into making Lotion Bars and Salves. This Mango Butter added awesome moisture and feel to our creations! There is little to no scent so it will not interfere with fragrances. Thanks for a great Butter!

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Nice Addition to CP

We use approx 1% - 2% in many of our CP recipes

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Mango butter is my favorite butter!

Mango butter is nothing but pure silk! I can't use shea butter because my family is allergic to it, so i had to find a substitute and turned to mango butter. I will admit i first bought it from another supplier and i loved how it made my lotions so silky and deeply moisturizing, so i decided to buy in bulk here from BB. It is even better than that other suppliers mango butter, because this one is so much smoother and not gritty at all. Will take anything from a perfect 10 to a perfect 100! will be back for more! Oh and unlike shea butter this doesn't just sit on top of my skin, it soaks in quickly and really moisturizes!

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Awesome Product

I've purchased from other sites and o thought there mango butter was good. But I only order my Shea butter from here because it is the best. I ordered the mango butter last order and it's so much better than my precious supplier! It looks and feels dry in the bag but once you melt and incorporate it is silky smooth and hydrating. I'll only vet order for here now !