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will last me a lifetime!

I grow my own calendula but because i have packed up all my herbs due to moving, i needed some to make my salve. So i ordered some here and WOW what a ton i got! Will last a very long time. It came in great condition and if i ever need to in the future i will order more from BB.

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Diana Muro
Doesn't have any scent.

I bought this bag, which is a lot, and very disappointed, they don't smell at all, I did infusion with some, and also put them in grapeseed oil and waited, but nothing, no scent. And when I added it to melt & pour clear glycerine it turned black! I wanted at least to see the petals in the clear soap. I guess the only thing where I can use this is decoration on top of the soap, or inside the bags. I don't know how other reviews talk about the nice smell they get from this. Not my experience.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Diana! I'm sorry you were disappointed in this product. We love our Dried Marigold - Calendula! It's the perfect decorative addition to soap, as well as for infusing the wonderful benefits of calendula into oil. While it has a faint, green scent it is not generally used to scent your soap. Usually herbs go black or brown in melt and pour soap so in this case, it's normal and natural for this product to turn colors. I really wish it would stay that gorgeous in soap! Other reasons that the herb might have turned colors could be due to temperature as well. But typically, herbs do go brown in MP.

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i love it

i ordered 16 oz of this which is a lot and will last forever , i loved it and i used it in my shea butter soap , looks great in soaps and people love it

Excellent product

I love using this Petals. After I infused the oils, with the left overs I made an scrub that I give as a present to my clients, it has been is a star among everybody. I might start to sell it. I will be happy to share recipe with photos. But I don't know where I need to post it.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Maria! I'm so glad you love our Dried Marigold petals! Your scrub sounds absolutely amazing! We would love to see pictures which you can share on our Bramble Berry FaceBook page.

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Calendula Petals

I really loves using these calendula petals to infuse oils for my lip balms or body butters but, after I use the petals what else can they do? Ok, let me rephrase that: Should I just throw them out after I use them or can they do something else?

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Annie! I'm so glad you love using Dried Calendula petals to infuse oils for lip balms and body butters! After the petals have been soaking in oil you can always blend the actual petals into a soap recipe, like in our Making Sunshine Cold Process Soap tutorial. We didn't infuse the petals used in this recipe first, though this may actually help them to blend in better! I will email you personally to discuss this further.