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Love it!

serous bang for your buck, this one is. i use this to infuse in to the olive oil i use in my soaps, balms and lotions. as well as a topper on my soaps and lotions i sell in a tub. this will last a while, but i will be repurchasing once i run out as this is the best calendula i have ever used

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Michelle B
Yep, a lot... great stuff

As everyone has already commented, you get a lot for your money. I purchased a pound and holy cow that was a lot. Seems like nice quality. I am satisfied with my purchase!

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Size does matter....

I love the quality of these, though I ordered a pound not thinking that it would actually be that much... I was so wrong. It's a lot. but thankfully it's something i use quite often.

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First time user

I ordered 3 ounces and was satisfied with the amount, it was a lot. It will most definitely last a while . I used a bit in a batch CP soap and found a feather and some pieces of cardboard which took some of my joy away:-( I can't imagine at what point a feather would be able to sneak in...not sure what to do about that...but if it wasn't there even with the pieces of cardboard I would have been 100% satisfied.

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will last me a lifetime!

I grow my own calendula but because i have packed up all my herbs due to moving, i needed some to make my salve. So i ordered some here and WOW what a ton i got! Will last a very long time. It came in great condition and if i ever need to in the future i will order more from BB.