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Luxor Las Vegas?

I know the Luxor isn't very 'fashionable' these days, but I like it. This fragrance, as it vaps out a bit, reminds me QUITE A LOT of how the hotel smells. I've been hunting for that scent for a while, and while I've not used it in soap yet, for a room fragrance it is AWESOME.

Verified Purchase

I received this item as a sample in a recent order, and all I can say is WOW! As soon as I opened the tiny bottle my first words were: "I HAVE to buy this ASAP." I used it in a small batch of soap and the smell is spectacular already! I wish I had more on hand to pull the scent through more, and I won't make the mistake of being short again! If you love sexy amber undernotes, then this is for YOU!

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interesting, but not particularly pleasant

I had high hopes for this one based on all the oriental notes listed, but unfortunately didn't get any of them. What I get mostly is beets and dirt, not very "sellable" scent notes. That said, it's not awful, but it's not great either.

Complex and Interesting

This might sound crazy, but I keep smelling a distinct note of beets in this one, and I love it! I really can't stop sniffing it. It's earthy and woodsy. I hope my customers like it!

It Smells So Good!

I used this fragrance in CP soap and my hubby loved it. It performed well although it did turn a nice caramel color (just as the description warned) and the scent faded only slightly. I also gave some to a friend for her husband and she told me the next day that she keeps sniffing the bar and is considering stealing it from him. So maybe it's a man/woman scent. But it's definitely on my "buy again" list.