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Different results, but still beautiful!

This is definitely a very pretty shade of teal, but for the results I achieved in CP, it does lean more toward green than blue. It's certainly "aquatic" in characteristic though, I just think "Mermaid Green" would be a more fitting name. Micas can vary a little in end result, depending on base oils and/or liquid used in a recipe though, so while MY results yielded more of a teal-green, it still was very stunning!! At 1tsp/PPO, the shade produced was BOLD, so a little less would have still gone a long way, making this mica a very economical color-choice as well! I used this shade, along with 4 other varying shades of blue, in a "Blue Raspberry Jolly Rancher" CP soap for my kiddos. While they both gave me a bit of a lighthearted heckling that this "blue" was very green in the soap, the color itself is still very vibrant, and they loved the soap regardless! I am glad I tested this mica out in a personal batch for my kids first though, as now that I see the final results for myself, I'll just plan accordingly & use it for better fitting, greener soap themes. I truly DO love the color this mica produced though and will ABSOLUTELY find more beautiful uses for it!


Can i use this colors with body lotion and scrubs???

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Vivid Shimmer in M&P

I love this color. Makes a nice color for ocean designs

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Beautiful Shade of Blue

After trying unsuccessfully to custom blend my own shade of this color, I gave up & ordered this mica. It is a gorgeous shade of blue that will look great with so many other color combos. I used it as my base color in CP & did a drop swirl with the Fizzy Lemonade, Super Pearly White & an Orange Mica. The Mermaid Blue Mica is the highlight of this soap. I think it would be stunning paired with a black color. The pic of the mica is a good representation of how it came out in my soap. Definitely a keeper!

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Bright blue

This blue is so vibrant in cold process. It behaved beautifully! I absolutely love the color.