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Oh the Color!

I use this in bath bombs. Lovely color in bath water. Would buy again.

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Love the shade!

Its a stunning color. I really wish I knew it stained and was almost impossible to wash off. This is my first time working with it and had no idea. I'm concerned it will turn skin blue or stain skin blue when used. I user the melt and pour method with soap from here. Dose it have to be fully dissolved? How do you know it us? Any feedback would be great...

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
With a usage rate of 1 tsp of mica per pound of soap you should not have any problems with it staining the skin. While it may lather blue it should not stain.

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My favorite!

I love working with Brambleberry micas and this is no exception. I've used it a few times now (most recently to rescue the robins-egg blue I was trying to achieve with indigo powder in my lye), and I'm just in love.

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Mrs. Amber
Different results, but still beautiful!

This is definitely a very pretty shade of teal, but for the results I achieved in CP, it does lean more toward green than blue. It's certainly "aquatic" in characteristic though, I just think "Mermaid Green" would be a more fitting name. Micas can vary a little in end result, depending on base oils and/or liquid used in a recipe though, so while MY results yielded more of a teal-green, it still was very stunning!! At 1tsp/PPO, the shade produced was BOLD, so a little less would have still gone a long way, making this mica a very economical color-choice as well! I used this shade, along with 4 other varying shades of blue, in a "Blue Raspberry Jolly Rancher" CP soap for my kiddos. While they both gave me a bit of a lighthearted heckling that this "blue" was very green in the soap, the color itself is still very vibrant, and they loved the soap regardless! I am glad I tested this mica out in a personal batch for my kids first though, as now that I see the final results for myself, I'll just plan accordingly & use it for better fitting, greener soap themes. I truly DO love the color this mica produced though and will ABSOLUTELY find more beautiful uses for it!


Can i use this colors with body lotion and scrubs???