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Ok, but too expensive for what you get

This is a fun project to do with kids and the soap bars are beautiful. The mold is great for small soap batches (melt-and-pour or cold process). However, the soap has a little bit of a yellow tint and the glitter is very scratchy, so I wouldn't recommend it for kids with sensitive skin. You'll end up getting about 12 small bars of soap or 8 medium bars for $ 4.50-7 each bar.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Thanks for your feedback. With the quality of products, ingredients, and educational resources comes price fluctuations from time to time especially with our kits. If you're wanting to combat the yellow tint you can try using the Blue Mix LabColor to 'blue' the base first, find out more how to do that in our Soap Queen TV Episode 4: Embedding in Soap.

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Just as pictured

My only problem was it left my skin in need of a moisturizer. What additive can I use that won’t turn the soap cloudy but leave my skin silky soft. Overall I loved the ease of making the kit.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Because melt and pour is completed soap extra oils don't quite add the desired effect most of the time. With this particular base though you can add up to 1 teaspoon of additional oils like Sweet Almond or Avocado Oil to help with moisture.

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Best melt and pour soap I've done

This soap was so easy and fun to make 13 year old daughter helped me make the second really gave me a different approach to melt and pour...and I love the way it smells...bramble berry is the best...

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Awesome for beginners

I wish I could submit a picture with my review. It turned out beautiful. My 9 year old has recently become interested in soap making, I looked it up and melt and pour seemed the best option for her. Start to finish probably took 45-60 minutes, then we had to let it set in the mold for a while. We got 4 good sized bars with a 1lb block I think we could do 5 bars next time. She is already begging for me to get different color blocks and scents to make more glitter ombre soap!

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Kit is very nice with everything needed. I received it in a timely manner BUT the Color Block was melted into a messy blob unusable.