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Awesome for beginners

I wish I could submit a picture with my review. It turned out beautiful. My 9 year old has recently become interested in soap making, I looked it up and melt and pour seemed the best option for her. Start to finish probably took 45-60 minutes, then we had to let it set in the mold for a while. We got 4 good sized bars with a 1lb block I think we could do 5 bars next time. She is already begging for me to get different color blocks and scents to make more glitter ombre soap!

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Kit is very nice with everything needed. I received it in a timely manner BUT the Color Block was melted into a messy blob unusable.

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The first time I tried it it didn't come out nicely the second time it came out OK It just depends on what kind of person you are or are you a person that can make soap or a beginner or not at it I'm new so it probably wasn't going to come out correctly but I tried again so that's good and this is what I rate it

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I really liked how this soap was super easy. They gave step by step instructions and made it super easy to make. However I didn't like the fragrance they put with this kit. I didn't feel like it went very well. It smelled like oranges. I thought a fresher smell or ocean smell would have been better. Something that matches with the color or mermaid theme. Overall it was a great beginner soap kit. I will use ideas from this kit for my customers!

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This was one of the kits that I recently purchased and it was fantastic. Super easy to follow directions, along with enough product to make two batches. I am extremely satisfied with this kit and would definitely purchase again. It's perfect for a first time soaper or a soaper that's just wants to hone in on their skills.