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Midnight waters

I used a Castile soap recipe and I don't know if this fragrance was to blame or not but I stirred the batch to a light trace. In no time it started to harden. By the time I separated the mixture into several containers and started mixing in my colors, it was already turning into thick pudding. It was so thick I had to spoon it in instead of pouring and am praying that I don't get air bubbles and ruin the look of the soap.

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One of my best sellers

This is my husband’s favorite scent in the goat milk lotion I make. It’s also one of my best sellers. It smells clean and refreshing, and the scent is long lasting.

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Amazing scent that smells just like its name. A complex deep dark water floral scent with a hint of mint at the very end. Gorgeous. Will be repurchasing.

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I am in LOVE!!!

I only made a batch of cold process soap with this FO last weekend, and so it has yet to cure, but oy my GOD, it is the best smelling FO by BBerry that I have ever ordered! I am crazy about it. It is a unisex masterpiece...sultry ocean and herbal scents, juniper, a perfect balance hitting all of the notes clean out of the park! Will order a huge bottle on my next order.

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Dryness with lotin

I love this scent, it is a top seller. However, I noticed in testing this and from some sales that this scent in lotion causes additional dryness of the skin. I use the homemade lotion recipe as the base. I have added 1 oz of olive oil to this recipe, with no luck. Any suggestions? Is there something in the formulation of this scent that causing this?