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midnight waters

Verified Purchase

OOB wasn't too sure. I received this as a sample. I made a 1lb batch of cp soap. It performed well and I was able to do a multi color swirl pattern with no ricing, acceleration or discoloration. I allowed a 6 week cure time and the scent is amazing. I feel it's a unisex fragrance. I'm almost not wanting to sell or share these bars. My bathroom smells so good since I've left a bar unwrapped it. Can't get enough and will definitely be ordering a full size. I hope this fragrance remains on Brambleberry's list.

This Is Weird For Me...

(I received a .5oz sample as a free gift with purchase.) Out of bottle, I was like "I've smelled this in hand soap before"… I should add that I had the impression that it might have been hand soap in a business' restroom. Not a fabulous first impression, but I went ahead and used it at first opportunity. When I unmolded my soap two days after making it, I still wasn't thrilled with the fragrance. It behaved well, don't get me wrong, and at medium dosage wasn’t too strong (as others have been). In fact, it behaved very well... but still. It's a mild fragrance (not in terms of strength, but in terms of complexity), and may be pleasant to some... Still, for a fragrance I'm not thrilled with, I do seem to turn to it a lot.

Wonderful scent

OOB I wasn't so sure about this scent, but once soaped I loved it! It's deep, complex, and sultry. It's still curing, but I think both men and women will like this one equally.

Verified Purchase

I got Midnight Waters as a sample and I love it. All my friends also love the smell. I’ve made 3 batches of soap and just received a 8 oz bottle. This is one of my favorites.