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Milk and honey candle and soap fragrance

I've order many fragrance oils from bramble berry and I have never order a frangrance that I didn't like. This frangrance oil was so bad I thought maybe I received the wrong fragrance. It doesn't smell sweet at all. It' smells like really cheap dollar store perfume. It smells like something that would make you itch. I was hoping once I soap with it the smell would change and I would smell the honey or the sweetness that other reviewers stated. No such luck. I wouldn't even give these soaps away

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Butterscotch Soap!

OOB I thought it smelled a little funky, like feet, lol. So i used it in an M&P project before commiting it to a CP recipe. I have to say I am very please with the results! I only used a small amount of the FO and added some real honey as well. I opted for a little bit of gold mica to round out the color. My soap looks and smells like BUTTERSCOTCH! Yummy yum yum! Now I want to make a CP butterscotch soap with this and I am hoping it turns out that way. Thanks BB!

Love it

I absolutely love this scent. It works well in M&P. I had colloidal oatmeal to it. My family and customers can't get enough.


Can you use these oils as a edc, edt or edp? If so what's the difference in longevity between soap and perfume form???

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Marceal! Because our candle fragrances are also skin safe you can definitely use them in perfumes! There isn't a huge amount of difference of longevity between soap and perfume. I will email you personally to discuss this further.

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This fragrance has become a standard in my line that I truly love. My customers love it, too! It is not overpowering for those who are fragrant sensitive! I use it in new product samples because people tend to love the sugary, cozy fragrance - and loving the new product (Body Cremes etc.) I have had very good experiences with this fragrance and will keep it as a standard.