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Smells like buttered popcorn

I was quite surprised to learn this smells like buttered popcorn out of the bottle (and I wasn’t the only one to think that- my bf said it when I asked him what it smells like to see if he thought the same as me). I used this in MP and the buttery notes toned down a bit and became more of a general sweet scent. The honey notes are there but just wish they were a bit more prevalent. I have the pure honey FO and really like it but wanted to try a sweeter/creamier version of it so this seemed perfect. All in all, it’s a good but not great scent and can easily pass off as buttered popcorn. I prob won’t be purchasing it again and just stick to pure honey FO.

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Luscious but didn't stick in my CP

This FO was AMAZING out of the bottle and in my curing CP soap but it lost most of its scent after about 3 weeks curing. I have a test bar in the shower now, hoping that using it in a steamy room will bring the scent back. It smells just like cookies baking and was wonderful when it was strong. I'm going to keep trying this one - I have plenty left after making a one-pound test batch with a new batter recipe. I hope it's just my batter recipe and not this FO! If the scent sticks next batch, I will rate the scent with five stars.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
We choose all of our fragrance oils based on a 6 weeks of cure time since sometimes they will fade a bit during curing and come back stronger then. You should be happier with the smell after a couple more weeks once it is done curing.

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Comforting & beautiful scent

This is a beautiful fragrance in soy candles. Comfy & sweet (but not overly so) it is a great purchase. P.s. for those of you who don't love most honey scented products (like me), you don't have to worry about this one - it is great!

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Underrated fragrance

This FO is sweet and wonderful. I think it is terribly underrated! It’s hard to understand the people who say this FO is horrible because it’s such a comforting scent. I absolutely love it out of bottle and I’m sure it will be even nicer in soap. Thank you BB.

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Wonderful aroma of hot bakery!

I love this fragrance so much! It is used in the bar of melted milk and poured goats with a little oatmeal scrub. It gives off a wonderful fragrance at the bar that does not seem to fade even after a month, use it in candles and soap cold process.