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Very convenient

I like this little tool because it helps out with mixing colors in tiny cups.

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Michelle B
Super handy!

I love this thing. I make small batches of lotions and an immersion blender is completely impractical for blending. This thing does the tricky nicely! I have used it weekly for about 9 months and haven't even had to change the batteries. Love it!!

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Only lasted for about 10 uses...

I have to edit my original review. I finally got to where I really needed this little gadget for blending powders into glycerin. About 10 uses later, it died. Not the batteries but, the tool. I guess this is a case of, 'get what you pay for'.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Tina! I'm sorry you were disappointed with this mixer and it stopped working after so little use! We use the Mini White Plastic Mixer in our soap lab and they usually last much longer than this. So it sounds like you may have gotten a defective one! Customer service will contact you directly to resolve this issue :-)

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Just in case anyone is wondering how the batteries go in...the first (bottom) battery the positive side face the attachment. The second (top) battery faces the opposite direction, so the positive end faces away from the attachment. The mixer works without an attachment if the batteries are correctly inserted.

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Cheaply made

This item didn't work at all.