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Excellent product for price

I bought 2 years ago and they are still going! I love them to mix colors in oils. I just ordered two more so I can always have one available as I use every day!!! Price is outstanding!

Verified Purchase
Didn’t work

When I got this I was excited to have something smaller than my hand mixer for all the little blending tasks. After all the wrestling to get the batteries in, only to discover it didn’t work (and I tried everything!) I was really dissapointed. It’s not worth sending back, and I won’t reorder it. So it’s back to the hand mixer for now!

Verified Purchase
A must have for My soap making

A handy little tool to have! The only reason I give it a 4 and not a 5 is that it doesn’t last that long. I’ve 3 in about a year. But I do love the way I am able to bloom my micas for all my soaping, Bath Bombs and more.

Chloe Customer Service

One other got to be by email and put one sentence and signed off (Matt). Chloe came up on chat. Excellent customer service.

Verified Purchase
no power

I purchased this mixer to mix my micas. It has no power. New batteries were put in when I received it and it spins until I put it in the liquid, then it stops or is too slow to really mix. Very disappointed in this product. Since posting my review I have found out how awesome the customer service is here. Chloe has been wonderful! She has put in an order to have my mixer replaced and a new one sent. I have to change my two star rating to a five star just because of the customer service! Thanks Chloe!