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Never Used It

I put the batteries in, tried to put in the attachments - no luck. Couldn't get it to work. Went straight into the trash.

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Does not turn on!

Batteries installed correctly, does not turn on, useless, too much $$ to return!

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Never even turned on

I was really excited to use this since I don't really make large enough batches of soap yet to warrant getting a large stick blender and thought this would be perfect. Opened it today, put some batteries in, tried putting on the blender attachment (which never did actually fit, hole was too small), placed a different attachment on that worked and tried turning it on. Nothing. Nothing happened at all. Took the batteries out, tried it other ways and with different batteries. Just a bunch of nothing. Guess I shouldn't have doubted the reviews :/

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buyer beware!!

I purchased this just for light mixing of my soaps and lotions and it couldn't even handle that. Constantly goes from full power to barely moving while in use. I totally regret buying this product.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Brittany! I'm sorry this product did not work out well for you. It's meant to mix colors into oils and not heavier duty things like soap and lotions. An emulsion (stick) blender is better for those! To see the Mini Mixer in use check out our Prepare Your Colorants for Cold Process Soap Making tutorial.

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Love this! Soo Helpful!

I never knew just how much I needed this until I got it! It is SO helpful for blending powders in to your soap or RA. Its so small but dont let that fool you, it is powerful!!! I LOVE this! I think every soaper should have one, and for the price you would be crazy not to!