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Excllenet fragrance. Smell is as name says.

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One of my favorite fragrances ever!

One of the best. Smells incredible, and exactly like mint hot chocolate. Only issue I have is.... this and the hot chocolate FO (which smell like they have the same ingredients minus the mint) are really irritating to the skin. I added a little bit of this FO into a face mask (Probably shouldn't do this to begin with.... but I've used others fine) and my face started burning. Also made bath bombs out of this stuff.... and it burned in a specific area after about 10 minutes.... So it's amazing for soap... but it is very irritating to sensitive parts of the skin when it comes to non-soap products. It may work better in my bath bombs once I reduce the FO too since I usually add a ton. But I recommend this to anyone! 5 stars.

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Smells excellent!

I used this to make soap for a friend, and he loved it! Both the mint and chocolate scents were well balanced, neither seeming to over power the other.

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smells like an expensive coffee shop beverage! :-)

Out of bottle, this fragrance smelled more chocolate than mint. So, I was a little disappointed because I really wanted the peppermint for my holiday line. However, in my sugar scrubs, milk bath, and body butter, the mint came shining through. It smells like one of those expensive coffee shop beverages. That goes to show, don't judge a fragrance oil out of the bottle!

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love it!

smells just like the dessert, i used it in m&p soap and it turned out beautiful!