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Wonderful Kit!

This kit turned out EXACTLY like the photo! Very pleased with it. I have been making soap for several years, and wanted to start making something more complex and eye appealing. I'm so pleased with the results! And the beautiful labels put it over the top. I'd love it if you included labels like that in all your kits. Here are my tips for a successful batch: First, be sure to keep your temp at what it says. Between 110 and 130. This will give you working time. Second, I separated my soap into two containers at "light" trace. Almost before trace. This, too, gives you working time. There is a window where the soap is emulsified enough where it won't separate, but still thin enough to work with. My last tip: don't tough or move the mold AT ALL after pouring. Since the mold is flexible, it will slightly bend or twist. I made a bit of a crack in my soap trying to move it. I won't make that mistake a second time. Thanks, Brambleberry, for a gorgeous kit! I'm inspired!

My first try

I was very excited to receive the kit and make an honest attempt. The package was organized with all required materials. Instructions were detailed and very easy to follow. I watched several videos prior to starting the project. Everything went really well until I separated the soap into two containers. After mixing the pink, I attempted to pour the white into the pink...rather than “swirls” I think I may end up with white clumps! Ha. Could very well be a novice mistake. My batter also cracked at the top after cooling...again...might have been a novice mistake. The rose scent is ok...not my favorite...very strong and most likely more appealing to an older crowd. I’m not sure where I messed up in the mixing pouring aspect but overall this was a fun project! Soaping just might be my new hobby! Looking forward to more practice and improving! :)