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One of my best sellers

I love this one and so does anyone I have try it I have nothing bad to say.

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Pay attention to how it behaves!

I have only used this scent with bath bombs... HUGE hit! But decided to have a matching soap. While, not a new soaper... I was at a loss when it started to separate. I didnt pay attention to behavior...while I managed to get a nice swirl happening.. wow! It separated INSTANTLY. It was fairly easy to bring back together, without being too thick. I did put in the oven for it to gel, hoping to keep a smoother texture. HIGHLY recommend this scent!

Comparison to Bath & Body Works

Does this sent spell like Bath and Body Work's Midnight Pomegranate? This was my absolute favorite scent and if it is similar i know ill be ordering a good portion to make my own personal body butters & lotions. Update: OMG!!!! I just recied it in the mail, open the bottle and it was like heaven. If you remember Bath and Body Works Midnight Pomegrate, you will have an idea of how this smells!!!!!. SO delicious!! WIll be buying again for sure.

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Excellent scent, misbehaved soap!

This scent is great! I don't really get "pomegranate" when I smell it, but its a sweet scent with a nice floral touch. I've used the scent in fizzy cupcake bathbombs and it works great. Tried it in cold process soap and I had a bit of trouble. Soap was salvageable, but I did have seizing. I attribute this to using too much FO. I like strong scents so it's probably due to my overuse of the FO for a 2lb batch ( I used about 2-3ml). Once I mixed back in the separated soap into one pot it came back together with no problem. Did freak out for a bit there but all was well. Separated back into layers to color and poured into the loaf mold. I had a little evidence of separation, but it was manageable. Love the scent though!

Verified Purchase

My first experience with this FO was a year ago when a woman I was working with used it in her soap and body butter creations. For the first time in a LONG time, I didn't have any reaction to any of the products she made (which is more than I can say for the store-bought beauty products I was originally using)! This fragrance just arrived in the mail today, and I am looking forward to using it in my homemade shampoo. I've never been so drawn to a fragrance, so I can't wait to experience all the products I can create with it!