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Not for cp soap

High acceleration in my tried true recipe, discolored to dark tan and scent faded after a full cure using 1 oz pp of fo. Dont recommend for cp soap

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
In our testing we have found the Moonstone Fragrance Oil can accelerate trace. To help prevent this check to our How to Soap with Accelerating Fragrance Oils blog post. While it can accelerate trace we have not found it to fade in CP. We do choose all of our fragrance oils based off a full 6 week cure time so the scent will most likely come back stronger then. For more information on that try our How to Prevent Scent Fading in Soap post.

not for soap

I was wildly excited about using this product. so much so i purchased 3 of the sample offers. In cold process soap it's performance was convoluted. it didn't accelerate trace, but i added the fo at the end in anticipation of the acceleration. I didn't want it to gel, but it did anyway. The areas that didn't gel, have turned tan as Brambleberry cautioned. The fragrance, which i used 2 oz in this 2.5 lb loaf, is ALMOST nonexistent. So, if i had allowed it to gel, the colors (and the white was what i was concerned about) would have been fine. The scent retention is very, very poor. Maybe this fragrance "Moonstone" by BB, would be better suited for a leave on product. If this is used in CP, at full useage, i don't know that there would be any fragrance retention. i have kaolin clay added to my formulations.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Thanks for your feedback and so sorry the scent is fading on you. While we haven't found this to be the same in our tests, our bars are only a few weeks old. We'll keep an eye out for any signs. The gel shouldn't have mattered and the Kaolin was a nice addition. Sometimes a scent will seem to fade and then come back after a few weeks. I would put your soap to bed for another week or two and then check it and let us know.

Verified Purchase
Fragrance changes and fades in CP.

I loved this fragrance OOB and was very excited to work with it. I used this fragrance in a CP batch and within 6 hours, i could barely smell it. Once unmolded, the fragrance had changed to a really weird chemical, and biological smell. The batch has been sitting for a few days now, hopefully it changes back once it cures.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
We haven't noticed a chemical/biological smell though it does have a hint of musk that you may be picking up. Yes, give it another few weeks as it could mellow and morph into something you like.


Moonstone is a truly awesome fragrance! It's a wonderful, mysterious smell, and makes my hippy heart very happy!! I'd give this one 10 stars if i could. I bough this in the promotional set of four gem stone fragrances, and it's absolutely stunning.