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Love it

From the reviews it looks like people are really divided on this one, and I can see why. I personally love it. It does smell "powdery", like baby powder or like an old woman, but it's rounded out by some really luxurious, beautiful notes. I love it. Hopefully you can judge for yourself based on your personal feelings on "powderyness" how you might like it.

Fine Scent

I was able to achieve a lovely 3 color drop swirl in my cold process soap, be prepared for the acceleration. It did discolor slightly on my ends as anything with Vanilla will and I had no problem with the scent disappearing.

Barely a Scent

I purchased this in the sampler. I will not purchase again... cold process and can hardly smell anything!

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
We choose all of our fragrance oils based off a full 6 week cure time so it will most likely come back stronger after your soap has finished curing. Also check out our How to Prevent Scent Fading Soap blog post for some extra tips.

Don't be afraid of this one!

I was afraid to soap with this fragrance after reading the reviews. I prepared for trouble....well to my surprise shaped like a dream in my co soap!! Had NO problems. I love the scent. It's a powdery, light floral. I'd you bought this one...use it! If u haven't bought should! Different.💞

Proof that our noses are all different

I mean no offense, but I do not like this FO at all :(. I only detect a heavy/musky/elderly lady perfume scent that no one in the house liked. It soaped fine for me. My soap is fresh today, so I don't know about fade yet (but I kind of hope it does!).

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
The Moonstone Fragrance Oil does is on the heavier side with some musk notes. If you're looking for a fresher spa type fragrance oil you may prefer something like our Fresh Bamboo Fragrance Oil or Wasabi Fragrance Oil.