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smells amazing
does accelerate but not impossible

I was able to use this beautiful fragrance in a cold process soap with an ombré effect. I soaped cool and worked quickly and it came out beautiful. It's my new favorite and it smells almost identical to the same fig fragrance from pottery barn :)

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I was so excited to see this oil, and once I got it, I was even more excited. The smell is amazing! It is perfect in my lotions!!

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Finally a real Moroccan Fig scent

I have been hunting for the earthy yet sweet scent that is similar to the votivo candles I've been buying for years. This is the fragrance. It is earthy and rich yet crisp and sweet all at the same time. I made my first candle and it smells divine.

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Customer favorite!

This oil is a customer favorite! Everyone who smells it comments on how rich and unique it is. I'm not a fan of floral or sweet smells, and while this has a hint of sweet, its freshness makes it lovely. It really accelerates trace -- I usually end up scooping blobs of solid soap into my mold. Normally I'd give up on an oil this cranky, but it's a top seller, so I'm trying to work around the issue.

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Workable with planning.

Because of the reviews I decided to use a slab mold and decorate the top. l did split my batter in half using morrocan fig in half and yuzu in the 2nd half. The fragrances work well together. The fig did thicken pretty quickly. Not too bad though. Spooned the fig 1\2 into the mold then poured in the yuzu 1\2. Used full amount of liquid. Love the final result. The fragrance seems to get better the longer it sits. Definitely worth the planning.