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Really like it

This is a great mint scent! It mixes well with other scents, and it's beautiful on it's own. It behaves well, and the scent holds well.

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Popular mint

My customers seem to be enjoying it. I find it smells like a toothpaste mint in the bottle and in bath bombs but smells better in CP and MP soap.

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Smells good but.....

I'm an experienced soap maker and I added this fragrance to cold process soap, using a base recipe I've made at least two dozen times without any problems. The scent is nice - a sweet, soft mint with a hint of something else going on in the background - but the soap stays SO soft in the mold! I tried unmolding my soap after 24 hours like I always do and tore the sides off of three bars so I gave up. I left it alone for a week and tried again to unmold the soap again and it was still so soft that I had to cut the bars away from the mold. This has never happened to me before. I ended up damaging nearly every single bar trying to get them out of the mold. Now that it's out I think it's going to dry out and set up just fine, but what a hassle..... It doesn't smell THAT good!

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Amy! I'm glad you like the smell of our Moroccan Mint Fragrance Oil, though I'm sorry you've had trouble soaping with it. In our tests and recipes, this scent behaved beautifully in cold process soap and had no problems setting up, as seen in our Loofah Cold Process Soap Tutorial. There can be other factors that may affect the soap hardening up, like an extended gel phase (like when you insulate with a heating pad) or if you're using a silicone mold, which doesn't have a lot of airflow. While this post does talk about making your soap last specifically in the shower I would still recommend checking out our How to Make Soap Last Longer in the Shower post for some great general tips on making your bar harder all around. One great option mentioned in that post to help speed along your soap hardening up is using the additive Sodium Lactate.

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Super Soft Soap!

Gorgeous, rich mint fragrance...but I have made two batches with it and, both times, it was as soft as a marshmallow! After the first, I had doubts as to having had enough hard oils in my recipe, and I loved the fragrance OOB, so I tried again. The 2nd recipe, which had even more hard oils than the first, was even SOFTER! I kept it in the mold for two extra days just to make sure that the loaf would not break apart. I have troubleshot this with the BBerry staff...yes, my lye was fine, no, plenty of hard oils, everything was in order. The common factor was this FO. Both batches are firming up sloooooowly, and may be salable one day; and although I look forward to that day, I am hesitant to use this FO again. Lovely fragrance but just be prepared to wait for a very long time for your soap to be cured. If anyone has not experienced this problem, please send me your soap recipe if you can so I can try again...I want success with this as I know it would be a great seller.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Carolyn! I'm so glad you think our Moroccan Mint Fragrance Oil is a gorgeous and rich mint. We do too! Though, I'm sorry your soap is on the softer side. In our tests and recipes, we've never experienced a softening problem with this scent, as seen in our Loofah Cold Process Soap Tutorial. We recommend using no more than 0.8 oz per pound of cold process, found using our Handy Dandy Fragrance Calculator. Carla in customer service has contacted to you to help resolve this issue. :-)

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I just LOVE smelling this

For a person that can't stand mint I find this fragrance out of your mind great. It's a must!