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Super Soft Soap!

Gorgeous, rich mint fragrance...but I have made two batches with it and, both times, it was as soft as a marshmallow! After the first, I had doubts as to having had enough hard oils in my recipe, and I loved the fragrance OOB, so I tried again. The 2nd recipe, which had even more hard oils than the first, was even SOFTER! I kept it in the mold for two extra days just to make sure that the loaf would not break apart. I have troubleshot this with the BBerry staff...yes, my lye was fine, no, plenty of hard oils, everything was in order. The common factor was this FO. Both batches are firming up sloooooowly, and may be salable one day; and although I look forward to that day, I am hesitant to use this FO again. Lovely fragrance but just be prepared to wait for a very long time for your soap to be cured. If anyone has not experienced this problem, please send me your soap recipe if you can so I can try again...I want success with this as I know it would be a great seller.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Carolyn! I'm so glad you think our Moroccan Mint Fragrance Oil is a gorgeous and rich mint. We do too! Though, I'm sorry your soap is on the softer side. In our tests and recipes, we've never experienced a softening problem with this scent, as seen in our Loofah Cold Process Soap Tutorial. We recommend using no more than 0.8 oz per pound of cold process, found using our Handy Dandy Fragrance Calculator. Carla in customer service has contacted to you to help resolve this issue. :-)

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I just LOVE smelling this

For a person that can't stand mint I find this fragrance out of your mind great. It's a must!

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This fragrance smells fantastic! And keeps it's fantastic scent in CP soap. I am very pleased with it... but almost all of the blue mica and brown oxide I used in the recipe turned white 24 hours into curing... it was so disappointing because I love the scent so much, but I don't think I'll be able to sell these bars now that the color has completely vanished from them.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Katelin! I'm so glad you love the smell of our Moroccan Mint Fragrance Oil! Though, I'm sorry you had problems working with it. This fragrance should not discolor your soap and would not "discolor" to white. Not all micas are work well in cold process soap, many morph or disappear completely! I will email you directly to find out more about your colorants and usage rates.

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One of my "Go-Tos"

I love this scent- it pairs so well with so many others. I first discovered it when making the loofa bars of CP. It was a layered soap with this one and moonlight pomegranate. TO DIE FOR! Everyone loved this scent- I was sold out in a matter of hours. I have since used it in another layered soap with the Moroccan Mint on the top and "Relaxing" on the bottom. I kept the mint layer a natural color and the relaxing layer colored to a beautiful rich brown (due to the vanilla)- came out gorgeous! A great scent!

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i like it , will order more