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Perfect Cuts Every Time!!

I hesitated on buying this cutter because of the price, but I'm so glad I bought it! With my previous (cheaper) cutter, I ended up with crooked bars all different sizes. This one is easy to use and makes perfectly even bars in no time. I love Brambleberry!

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Guitar Wire Size

Love this cutter, I purchased this about 2 years ago and never had a problem. I was wondering what gauge is the guitar string?

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Multi Bar Cutter

Best Soap Cutter ever! Works really well. Can only recommend it!

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Don't try to use with melt and pour

You will definitely break wires if you try to cut melt and pour soap. This should only be used with CP and HP soap. If you are using the 10" silicone loaf, be aware that it will cut 9 bars of normal size and one skinny half inch piece. Because of this, I have been using an adjustable wooden cutter and cutting them at one inch so I get ten even sized bars. So measure your molds and make sure you will not have odd size pieces unless you want the small piece as a sample.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Sarah! I'm sorry this cutter did not work for you. We love how easy our Multi-Bar Cutter makes cutting soap, though you're right it does not work for melt and pour soap. Melt and Pour soap is just too hard! If you're looking for a cutter for M&P the Adjustable Wooden Soap Cutter is a great option like you suggested :-) Customer service has contacted you directly about a return!

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I finally have the perfect soap cutter

After trying at least 5 different types of soap cutters, I made the investment in this multi-bar and am so happy I did! I can't seem to make a straight cut through my soap loaves, no matter how careful I am. With this cutter each bar comes out perfectly cut, just the right size, and uniform in weight.