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A Must Have for the 10" Mold

I bought these dividers at the same time I bought the 10" Mold. I'm so glad I went ahead and got these when I bought the mold. There are just so many possibilities with this tool. Whether you want to create swirls or just have different colors divided in the mold, this tool is perfect for that. All the pieces were easy to put together & place in the mold. And the dividers are easy to pull out when you are finished pouring. Very easy to clean & maintain.

My favorite Brambleberry tool

I LOVE this multi-pour tool! I have used it to do the hanger swirl, Taiwan swirl, color block, etc. pours and just love, love, love it! You can use it to pour 2, 3 or 4 different colors side-by-side, making it one of my most versatile tools. I usually have no seepage at the bottom, which makes this already awesome tool even better! They are slippery between my gloves and the slick soap batter, but I've learned how to deal with it :). Thanks Brambleberry!!

Yes, thank you!

I've always wanted one, but not the big one for the big wood mold. I bought the 10" mold ONLY because it this tool fits it. It is a perfect fit and works very well. One suggestion: I suggest having somebody hold it down firmly while pouring your batter because I had a MINIMAL amount of soap leaking across the bottom and I think a second set of hands will prevent this. I still love it

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Divider stretched my mold out

I bought the 10" silicone mold with these dividers and when I tried to put the dividers in mold I had to force them in cause they were to long. It worked great the first use but afterwards the dividers had stretched the mold so my mold is deformed and when dividers are put in it now the soap just leaks all around them. The molds and dividers are made very well. It's just the dividers weren't cut the right size to fit.

Verified Purchase

This is the perfect solution to swirls and sections on a smaller scale. It fits perfectly into a 10-inch silicone mold, and allows for plenty of swirly experiments without the commitment of a 5-pound batch. Now I need to buy another 10-inch mold so I can use it every day!