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I made a copper & yellow swirled soap with this as well as lotion. It's so nice!! It's got that classic incense smell with a clean, powdery note. Everyone loved this one! Next time I'd like to try it with more patchouli.

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Very exotic and truly amazing scent. You almost leave your body when you smell it :) Love, love.

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Smells amazing, soaps wonderfully!

I have always been a huge fan of Nag Champa incense and use it regularly in my home. This fragrance oil is a very nice version of the ubiquitous incense, and came through in HP soap beautifully. If you smell a box of Nag Champa incense, and then smell this fragrance oil out of bottle you'll definitely notice the similarities. First of my soaps to sell out!!!

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CP - pretty good, but much better OOB

No acceleration. Discolors like the photo, but I think the discoloration actually works really well with the scent. I swirled with gold mica and it stands out nicely. I did have significant ash on this, and I rarely get ash. The scent faded a lot right after soaping, but came back, but smelling strongly of anise. Kind of an exotic, smokey anise incense. I gave it a 3 rating b/c it was SO much better OOB.

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This one is a keeper!

I think this may be my favorite scent, right here. It smells great otb, and performed magnificently in my avocado puree soap. Great warm, exotic blend. It was one of my best sellers right out of the gate, and I hope to be making another batch soon. I didn't have any seizing or acceleration problems, and the bars came out beautifully swirled.