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Unmolding is a real challenge

The last loaf of soap I made with this mold took a week to get out and I still hand to manhandle it. I always add sodium lactate so that's not the problem. Someone said not to use castor oil so maybe that's the problem. Be warned

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Produces Beautiful Bars

I am in love with this mold. I started soaping earlier this year and assumed that the cavity mold would be a great beginner. I think it probably was, but lately, I have been so frustrated by the limitations of the cavity. I decided to upgrade to a loaf mold. I am so happy I did. The loaf mold allows for so much more creativity and fun. If you are considering a loaf mold, trust me; they are a lot more fun, easier to remove the soap from, and easier to clean. And just a plug for Bramble Berry, I have used another soap company and BB. I had a good experience with the other company; but I have always had a great experience with BB. They have awesome customer service. I wouldn't recommend anyone else.

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Bows even with recommended ounces

I bought three of these and filled with the recommended ounces of soap and they still didn't hold their shape. Now my soap won't fit into it's packaging. I usually really love Brambleberry stuff, but these are useless.

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I love the way this bar of soap looks. It fits nicely in your hand. I actually do fill it up with soap. I put two rubberbands around it in the middle about 3 inches apart. It keeps it from bowing. It is so easy to unmold and clean. I highly recomend it.

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shorter version please

I wish this was available as a shorter version for those of us who like making small batch soaps. I gravitate towards the 4 inch silicone mold that holds one pound of soap. I wish there was a tall and skinny version of it.