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I give this 5 stars

I really like this natural castile soap. I wanted to make a foaming sugar and or salt scrub. I am still working on that...I discovered that this base is amazing for a foaming Pumice Scrub. I used it as a base for liquid body scrub recipe. I used some ground pumice and oil. I was really suprised by the amount of lather as I was expecting low suds. The consistency of the base is that of a light lotion. It cleans very well, it exfoliates and moisturizes very well and the lather is amazing. No salt water added. This is a really great product, its all natural with Olive oil... I love it and will buy over and over again...Thanks Brambleberry. also the bottle size that I received was big but the amount of soap was 16 oz which is what I paid for. **Update, I still give 5 stars, my batch separated and the consistency changed but the performance did not. It is still a wonderful pumice scrub and nothing is lost. The pumice rests at the bottom so it needs to be shaken. This is not a suspension base and it is also my first time using. So I did not know what to expect. I do now and I am very happy with it and I will buy and used it again.

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This is perfect

It's exactly what I wanted for my business. Now I just need an easy way of getting it out of the 5gal buckets...

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Not the Castile Soap I like

I purchased this product elsewhere initially but due to the fact I love Brambleberry I decided to reorder from you guys. Unfortunately I received the product and the container was not full and the bottles were not sealed. Also it did not work well for my body wash. I don't understand especially since I purchase the same product from a different company.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Robbin! I'm sorry this product was not what you were expecting. This is our house Natural Castile Liquid Soap Base so you would have been unable to purchase it elsewhere. Our soap base is 100% castile soap made with just Olive Oil, Water and Potassium Hydroxide Lye so it does not have a high lather like other castiles. It is also definitely thinner than your average body wash as it is designed as more of a hand soap. Find out how in our How to Use and Thicken Liquid Soap Base blog post. For a thicker start you may prefer the Stephenson Suspending Body Wash which is designed for that.

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Very disappointed

I ordered the soap base for the purpose of making shower gel. After following the directions of 3/1 plus the salt solution it had the consistency of water. After contacting Bramble Berry I was told to try 2/1 plus the salt mixture. That turned out fine.....until the next day. By then it had turned back to the watery mixture. Not sure what to do with this stuff at this point.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Sheila! I'm sorry this product was not what you were looking for. We love our Natural Castile Liquid Soap Base though it is meant to be used as a liquid soap, not a thick shower gel. You can definitely play with the ratios to see if you can get a consistency closer to what you're looking for but it sounds like you may prefer something like our Stephenson Suspending Body Wash which is a thicker formula specifically designed for body washes!

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I don't like it but it is what its supposed to be

I bought this to use as body soap and hand soap for my family, but there is no lather at all. Its very slippery and slimy. It does seem to clean you but doesn't feel good in my opinion. I will say that Brambleberry had great customer service thou and helped me out. Just trying to figure out some ideas to use a gallon of this stuff

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Hayley! I'm sorry this product didn't work out for you. We love the Natural Castile Liquid Soap Base and how gentle it is on the skin. However, because it is a Natural Castile soap (100% olive oil) it does not have a very high lather. There won't be much you can do to increase the lather, though you may prefer the base if you try thickening it up, find out how in our How to Use and Thicken Liquid Soap Base blog post. You also may prefer the base in a foamer bottle! If you're looking for a sudsier liquid soap you may prefer Stephenson Suspending Body Wash or our High Sudsing Liquid Soap Paste.