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Hemp Seed Oil

I've bought hemp seed oil from local stores to use in cold process soap and have loved the end result. Your price was much lower than what I could buy it for locally so I thought I would give it a try. Your description says it's "a dark green brown and has a strong nutty scent" which is exactly what I've been using from the local store. Unfortunately, what I got wasn't that way at all. It was light colored (almost looked like olive oil) with hardly any scent. I love the green color that the natural hemp seed oil gives the soap. But this one just didn't do it. The oil performed great in cold process soap and I love the end result but I was really wanting that natural light green color. I'll use up this oil because it's good stuff but I'll have to add a little green coloring to it.

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Light Color

My Hemp Seed Oil came and it is a very light gold color. I've ordered this before from a few other company's and it has always been a dark green color. I hope it's ok.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Our current stock of Natural Hemp Seed Oil is a lighter yellow in color. It is a natural product and there can be color variation from batch to batch.

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Love it!

This oil is amazing! I use this and the refined hemp oil (not sure what the main difference is really), and this oil is a staple now in one of my recipes. I am going to try this next in body butters. My CP soaps are creamy and moisturizing. I use 15% of this in CP soaps and its amazing!!

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High temp?

Is it ok to add this to hot process soap with the temperature getting that high I'm worried about harmful peroxides?

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Surprisingly Great

I was very reluctant to try this oil for my sensitive skin, and it has behaved beautifully. I have used it in my face serum, and also in a Geranium CP Soap. The results have been fantastic. The oil absorbs into my skin with a non greasy, soft finish. My eczema thanks you! The small quantity ran out much quicker than I had anticipated. I stored it in the freezer.