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Indigo Pwd

I used this and put in with my oils. I also gelled my soap. It is medium granite gray - interesting but definitely not blue. I would only use again if I didn't mind having a gray color in my soap. I think one should just be aware this is a finicky colorant.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Janet! I'm sorry you had that trouble! We love the Natural Indigo Powder though it definitely does turn more gray than blue if added to your oils. For a darker, more apparent blue we suggest reconstituting the indigo powder in your lye solution. If you're looking for an even bright blue you may prefer the Ultramarine Blue Pigment which is more of a lapis blue.

Love the color

First time I used it, I loved working with this Indigo powder as a natural colorant. I mixed it with my lye water as instructed on the container. I used a palm free recipe and everything soaped perfectly. No color changes, no fading, everything stayed true. Would definitely buy again.

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You must let your soap gel to get blue!

Initially when I used the indigo, I got a beautiful greenish teal color which I loved. It wasn't until I used it again and added to my hot processed soap AFTER the gel phase, that it turned more of a blue jean. Now that I know to add it after gel phase AND let it sit for a couple of weeks, I will definitely try it again. I mixed the indigo with my SF after the cook. If you want more of the greenish/teal color, add it before the cook. It helps to do a test batch.


I've tried both ways, adding this powder to my lye solution and adding at trace for cold process soap. All that has resulted is grey soap. Highly disappointed.

Verified Purchase

I received my Indigo powder today and was so excited to try it out on a column pour, used rose clay, T.D. and activated charcoal for colorants, it all went well until noticed my pretty blue had turned a moss type of green, It does not look bad just not what I wanted! Sigh! Back to the drawing board! Otherwise love all the B.B. products I have purchased thus far.