Natural IconKnow every ingredient in your soap and cosmetics. Bramble Berry carries many organic essential oils and soap bases as well as a huge selection of natural vegetable based oils and butters. You can make your own natural products from scratch and control every aspect of your unique natural and organic formulation.

Info and Inspiration

One of our bars of Oatmeal soap made using natural oils displayed on a bed of Brown rice.

  • Although essential oils are all natural they can burn or irritate your skin is if used incorrectly. Check out this list of safety guidelines for essential oils.
  • Making rebatch soap is a great way to make all natural handmade soap without handling lye. Anne-Marie has a full tutorial on her blog making rustic lavender soap.
  • Read this blog post filled with helpful aromatherapy ideas using our essential oils.
  • Step-by-step tutorial using our eco chic kit. It's full of great ideas for recycled packaging you can use for molds.
  • On the Soap Queen Blog Anne-Marie wrote an in-depth series of tutorials with recipes for after-sun skincare. She shows techniques for infusing your oils, using blue chamomile essential oil in lotion, and skinscicles!
  • And finally, check out this article for ideas on reusing your packaging.
  • Organic Soap Bases

    Bramble Berry carries soap bases that are made with Organic oils. Save the environment

  • Natural Oils

    Here's a list of our favorite most skin loving oils

  • Synergy Blends

    Bramble Berry has created an exclusive line of essential oil blends designed to be therapeutic and healing.

  • Organic Essential Oils

    Bramble Berry carries a modest selection of 100% pure organic essential oils - in addition to our line of conventional essential oils.

  • Extracts

    Use one of our concentrates to get the benefits of natural herbs in just  few teaspoons.

  • Rebatch Soap

    Make your own hand-milled soap with one of our natural and handcrafted rebatch bases