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This kit gave me the confidence to try making soap, and now I am hooked. Thank you!

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New to soaping!

Hello Bramble berry, I've recently gained interest in starting my own business in soaping. While doing research I found many sites but this is one I liked the most! I decided to purchase this kit for my first try at cold press soap. Everything was in the box nicely wrapped and labeled along with the instructions. The end results, first it traced and thickened quickly, I think my lye was at 100 degree I also forgot to mix the lavender oil, didn't notice til the end. However the batch has a really good scent. I allowed it to sit for 4 days then I cut it. I did see little soda ash, nothing a little water and curing won't remove. Overall the kit was great for my first practice. I look forward to making more and improving the skills needed to make amazing natural soap.

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lemongrass soap kit

Loved making this! My only concern is the top cracked. Not sure why. My first batch of soap.

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Great Experience for First Ever Cold Process Soap

I purchased this kit, the "Energizing Orange," as my first ever attempt at making cold process soap. It went excellently! I watched some of the videos and followed the directions that were included with the kit, which were very clear. Everything went exactly as it should've. I made this batch 3 days ago, and today I took it out of the mold and cut the loaf into bars! They are smooth, beautiful and the color is even. They smell great. This was a great experience and I definitely plan to purchase more ingredients and make more soap!

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ok but...

I was very excited to receive this kit. I followed the directions perfectly because I wanted this soap to be perfect. when I added the essential oil to the mix, some weird yellow chunks started to appear. I tried smashing them with my spatula and mix a little more with the stick blender but they didn't disappear. I unmolded and cut the soap and I can see the ugly chunks I don't even know what they are or if it is safe to use the soap once it cures. On a positive note, the kit has everything you need to start making soap, but maybe only for yourself? I'd like to know why this happened and how I could get my money from soap I can't sell. after I made this soap I went online and found a recipe for a simple coconut and olive oil and that one worked just fine. I made them both on the same day. I just don't know what happened :/

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Diana! I'm sorry you had troubles working with this kit. It sounds like the oils may have been cooler, so when the room temperature essential oil was added it started to solidify the hard oils in the batch. Customer service has contacted you directly to help troubleshoot!