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Great for Beginners

I bought the Relaxing Lavender full kit as my first endeavor into CP soap. I really enjoyed the process, but I don't care for the scent or the final product. I find the end result a little boring, but I am drawn to swirls and multi-color bars. Overall, I'd recommend this for a beginner but experience soapers should look elsewhere.

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Great Kit, But Mine Cracked

I bought this kit, and a refill. I followed the directions and made sure the temperatures were in the proper range, but both of my batches cracked down the center. What could be the reason? I’m following the directions and checking the temperatures. I did omit the coloring in both batches, as I do not want my soap colored. I have a third kit I will be making soon. How can I prevent the crack? Other than that, I LOVE these kits! So easy, smell amazing, and great value!

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Best Kit Ever

1. Value for Money. 2. Easy Instructions for beginners.

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Relaxing Lavender

This was a first time attempting cold process and it was a breeze! I had so much fun and it took all the guessing out of it. Loved it

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orange energy/lavender soap kit

I ordered these two kits as a beginner soaper. first soap ever made. it was not hard and I didnt even have a thermometer. the soaps both came out very well, hardened up nicely(used na lactate) and the scents stayed true. highly recommend for beginners.