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orange energy/lavender soap kit

I ordered these two kits as a beginner soaper. first soap ever made. it was not hard and I didnt even have a thermometer. the soaps both came out very well, hardened up nicely(used na lactate) and the scents stayed true. highly recommend for beginners.

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Easy peasy

I just finished making the soap. The process was very straightforward for this novice! The only issue I had was overmixing - making it difficult to pour. Hopefully there aren't too many air pockets! Smells divine and can't wait to try it!

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First shot at CP - so addicted!

I bought the Lemongrass kit to start my first batch of cold process soap. I've been making melt and pour for about 8 months now and finally had the confidence (and extra space away from kids and pets) to get into CP soapmaking. This kit was AMAZING! I was actually shocked at how easy this is and it fully gave me the confidence I needed to delve into a whole new hobby. The soap smells amazing! It looks so pretty! And the soap came to trace so smoothly that I can't honestly think it could have been any better. Thank you Brambleberry for this amazing kit with clear instructions and the necessary tools to make something I love!

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This kit gave me the confidence to try making soap, and now I am hooked. Thank you!

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New to soaping!

Hello Bramble berry, I've recently gained interest in starting my own business in soaping. While doing research I found many sites but this is one I liked the most! I decided to purchase this kit for my first try at cold press soap. Everything was in the box nicely wrapped and labeled along with the instructions. The end results, first it traced and thickened quickly, I think my lye was at 100 degree I also forgot to mix the lavender oil, didn't notice til the end. However the batch has a really good scent. I allowed it to sit for 4 days then I cut it. I did see little soda ash, nothing a little water and curing won't remove. Overall the kit was great for my first practice. I look forward to making more and improving the skills needed to make amazing natural soap.