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Lovely Lemongrass

I couldn’t be happier with how the second ever cold process soap I’ve made came out. It wasn’t as intimidating as I thought it would be and the aroma of the lemongrass is out of this world! I’m definitely going to try the lavender and orange; however, I am rather sad that the refill kits have been discontinued, but this won’t stop me from ordering.

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Price increase is exhorbitant

I bought this kit last year and I really enjoyed making soap for the first time. I had a successful result and was so happy that I bought the refill and made another batch. But the prices have skyrocketed and I don’t see the refill kit available. Disappointment with these changes.

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Where’s the Refill Kit

I love these soaps! The soaps came out perfect. Color was vibrant, smell was great, and the soap bar was overall beautiful. I wanted to make some for XMAS presents, but the refill kits are gone! Why?!??!

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Perfect kit, but big price increase

These kits are amazing for beginner soapers. Our favorite is the lavender, but all are great. The perfect scale is a great basic scale, and they last a long time. The essential oils are great quality. Lemongrass is very strong, but lavender and orange 10 fold smell great. The mold is good quality and the lye is okay, but chalky. I wish they still had the refill kits.

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Great for Beginners

I bought the Relaxing Lavender full kit as my first endeavor into CP soap. I really enjoyed the process, but I don't care for the scent or the final product. I find the end result a little boring, but I am drawn to swirls and multi-color bars. Overall, I'd recommend this for a beginner but experience soapers should look elsewhere.