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It is not blue

I diluted the color the that was explained and my cp soap was a pinkish color. No where near the blue color. It was blue when diluted but when it came in contact with the soap, it turned pink. Very disappointing. Reply from Bramble Berry Hi Derrian! Because this is a Low pH LabColor, it is not meant for cold process soapmaking. Instead, the Low ph LabColors are meant for melt and pour, lotions and creams. The high pH of cold process can lead to Low pH LabColors warping, or fade to nothing at all. For more information regarding High pH vs. Low pH LabColors, check out the LabColor Quick Start Guide! If you are looking for Reply from Derrian If that is the case, I believe that there should be something in the description stating that it should only be used in m & p soaps. There are other lab colors that I have purchased that work fine but the Navy & deep Purple, not so much.