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I agree with the other reviewers that the scent is very strong and challenging to mask. I decided to try neem at a rate of .25 oz in a 47 oz batch of soap. I scented it with honeysuckle and white patchouli which is a dupe of the Victoria's secret fragrance from Rustic. I could still smell the neem but the musky earthy sweet floral worked well with it. I'm hoping that like most other oils, once neem is saponified it will lose its scent. *****UPDATE******* My neem soap has been on the curing table for a couple weeks now and the neem is not able to be detected scent-wise. I used a sample piece of the soap and my skin felt AMAZING. I am looking forward to trying a little higher usage amount in my next test batch. I will report my findings :)

Many uses

I received this oil in a sample box and decided to read up on its uses. Insect repellant, natural insecticide, dry skin, excema.. the list goes on. It does have a pungent scent (smells like a seasoning packet in top ramen soup lol) I’m testing out scents that would mask the neem oil and have found that espresso/coffee scents seem to mellow it out and make it more tolerable.

Kelly J

Given this oil smells terrible, I wish the details of this product offered suggestions that would help mask the smell. A friend and I went in on an order together recently, and I wanted to try this. I've read that it has great benefits for people with skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis. I tried making a cream loaded with goodies such as hydrolyzed oats, colloidal oatmeal, neem oil, BTMS-50, Aloe Extract and aloe Vera juice, along with a few other things. The texture is amazing. But the smell seems impossible to cover up. Please offer suggestions, and perhaps consider offering a few tutorials on Soap Queen that offers ideas on how to work with this Oil.