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Not Neon

This is a really lovely blue color, but definitely is not neon as advertised.

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I used the exact amount, like it says in the description, now I have the equivalent of $200 USD in loss because the color morphed. It's whitish, with some blue spots. Awful!!

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You CAN use them in bath bombs!

I love the neon colorants and use them in my bath bombs all the time. They turn the bath water a gorgeous color! To prevent them from sticking to the tub, simply add 1.5% Polysorbate 80 to your bath bomb recipe. You will have no trouble at all with tub rings or stains!


These are beautiful! Before reading the last review, I made some bath bombs with these. I haven't used them yet. Should I throw them away? I figured that if this colorant was safe for eye make-up it would be fine in bath bombs?

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Michele! I'm so glad you think our Neon Blue Raspberry Colorant is beautiful! While this colorant is lip safe, we often don't recommend using pigments in bath bombs because they can be a bit too strong. Some people find they're a bit trying on their bathtubs. There are natural oils that linger in your bathtub that the color can stick to leaving a ring around the tub. Though the stain would not be permanent and Magic Erasers are a life saver! I would test one in your own tub and see how you like it!

Good for Bath Bombs?

Are the pigments okay to use in bath bombs? I would hate to purchase the wrong colorants. Thank you.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi ShyAnn! We do not recommend using oxide pigments, like our Neon Blue Raspberry Colorant, in bath bombs. They are a bit too strong! You should check our our La Bomb Colorants, they are dyes specifically formulated for bath bombs. I will email you personally to discuss this further.