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Love it

A beautiful, exquisite aroma, my favorite essential oil. I formulate skincare and lotions and have an extensive collection of oils. It is floral, slightly sweet and grassy. Will definitely purchase again. Yes it is expensive. But some people spend much more on fake harmful perfumes. I find you don't need much to enjoy the benefits, especially in lotion or aromatherapy perfumes and body oil.

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Next biggest mistake of my life

With all the other oils sold in ounces, my eyes completely skipped over the difference in size. The 2ml bottle is the size of a freakin thumbnail. What the heck can I do with a drop of oil sold for nearly $15. I thought I was splurging on 2 ounces at that price! Scent is weak. No wow at all.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
The Neroli Essential Oil is definitely expensive since it is a pure, undiluted essential oil. You can also see the sizing with approximate weights above. You may prefer our Neroli Fragrance Oil which is still very true to scent and more reasonably priced since it is synthetic.


If it weren't such a high cost EO, it would be my go to for everything. Absolutely amazing.