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Men really like this frangrance!

When I first smelled this, I thought it stunk. However, after make CP soap out of it. I love it. This is my husband's favorite. I have women that use it too, but I think it is manly smelling. I usually usually mix this at the medium rate from the frangrance caluclator. I also sometimes add a BIG drop of the Chocolate and Amber with this.

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Not a big seller for me

The description is lovely and the reviews are good, but its just not a good seller for me. I personally do not like it, and a few of my customers said it smells like bug spray. This might be nice in a room spray though, just not in body applications, my opinion. Maybe Ill be able to use it up if I find somebody who loves it! Nothing against BB or the FO, its just not for me.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Mary! I'm sorry this fragrance wasn't your favorite. We love the clean floral scent of our Neroli & Shea Blossom Fragrance Oil, and find it reminiscent of a Mediterranean vacation. If you're looking for other floral blends, you may like Sparkling Snowdrop Fragrance Oil, Dogwood and Ginger Blossom Fragrance Oil, or Rice Flower & Shea Type Cybilla Fragrance Oil.

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Smells great

I love to use this in my cp shave bar. People love it

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Absolutely wonderful!!

I was hesitant when I saw the comment by the previous reviewer, so glad I decided to order a big bottle!! This is definitely one of my favourites for sure!! Definitely neroli followed by a wonderful soft blossom. Definitely unisex! I'm so looking forward to soaping with this one!

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I wanted to order this FO for some time and finally got around to it. I opened the bottle and hated it-smelled like play-doh. I waited a few weeks, read ALL the reviews and decided to give it a go with Bramble Berry's Hemp Melt and Pour Base. I figured someone at the Farmer's Market would like it. They didn't like it at all. They LOVED IT and so do I. I am not kidding when I say it changes in soap. It's beautiful. It's summer, and the beach with a hint of Magnolia Flowers. I made a two pound loaf and sold every last bar. People who do not like "flowery" bought it. People who don't like "earthy" bought it. Men bought it. Women bought it. After cutting I had one of those treasured bits at the end that I usually cut up for samples. Not this time. It's all mine! Do not let the "bottled" smell fool you-this FO transforms into something wonderful.