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Great for oily hair

No matter what the recipe, this is now an essential ingredient in every shampoo bar I make!!

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great for hair

I use this in my hair oils and everyone loves it and tells all their friends. My hair never smells anymore when I don't wash it. So awesome!

Verified Purchase
Great for oily hair and skin!

Since buying this I have sucessfully made an awesome face soap using nettle extract, peppermint oil and bramble berry's hemp melt and pour everyone who's used my face soap loves it. I also recently tried mixing this into an all natural shampoo base with peppermint essential oil for a homemade shampoo. All my previous shampoo attempts have failed because nothing could cut through the oil in my hair every time I tried to use a natural shampoo my hair was left looking like I hadn't washed it ever flat greasy and with a weird feel to it. This leaves my hair looking like I washed it with my favorite shampoo!