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Candle Testing

I tested this at 6% in IGI 4360 wax. At this fragrance load the hot throw is very, very light and subtle. I’d prefer something a little stronger (and I’ll be testing further at higher loads) but I could see this being nice for someone that wants to cozy up with a nice, light comforting scent. It’s warm and just a little sweet, just like some oatmeal splashed with a bit of milk and honey.

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This fragrance is, quite literally, one of the best I have found!

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Kinda underwhelmed with this scent. Was expecting something more warm and sweet but this seemed very light. I think the worst part was the bottle started leaking randomly out of nowhere after having it for a few months. I didn’t do anything to it but left it in its original foam protection packaging that brambleberry sent me because I did not have time to use it yet and when I did went to go get it again, I discovered it leaked! What is with the brambleberry scents always leaking? I’ve had 2 leaked in transit before but this is the first time a scent has leaked just sitting in the package in my home.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
If you're looking for a strong scent you may prefer the sweeter Oatmeal Milk & Honey Cybilla Fragrance Oil. Though we would not recommend leaving the fragrance in the foam packaging, that is only to protect the bottles during shipment for a short time. To store FOs we would recommend keeping them upright in a cool dark place.

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Excellent but light

I used this in cold process this is the second time buying a large bottle, I cannot keep this soap stocked, its fresh and retains its scent, it is light so you need to use a bit more than you would on other scents. I sprinkle the top of the soap with crushed oats before it cures and wow this is a top seller.

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Smells Amazing!

Smells so comforting. Not too sweet, just right! Worked wonderfully in my bath bombs.