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Fabulous scent

This fragrance has an amazing scent! It is always a favorite by my customers. The scent works well in cold process soap and smells great in body butter and scrubs. I always make sure I have this fragrance on hand!

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Best Seller

I started out with this fragrance oil as a beginner soap maker 5 years ago and it has stayed by best selling fragrance. It is a light, sweet fragrance that make great soaps and lotions.

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Chemical Smell

I was so hopeful about this oil, but I used it today in melt and pour soap and was disappointed. It has such an artificial chemical smell. I tried mixing it with other oils on pieces of paper towel to see if I could find a way to use it but no luck yet. I absolutely hate to waste things I have purchased so if anyone has suggestions for mixing this to create something more agreeable please let me know.


I ordered this in early December so I'm not sure if I got the new version or what was left of the old. I really liked whichever I ended up with, though. My friend didn't care for it, but everyone else who tried it loved it.

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Why did you change it?

Oh Brambleberry, Oatmeal, Milk and Honey was my all-time favorite fragrance. Why o why did you change it? It does not smell the same and after making body butter, had almost a smell like hay. I'm disappointed. The old fragrance was so good. Please consider reinstating the former fragrance.