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M & P Success!

I made my first batch of M & P soap with this FO and it turned out beautifully! I personally am not a huge fan of the fragrance but everyone that tried the soap loved it. I made it with a goat milk base, whole oats finely ground and added some coconut oil as well. The soap has a nice lather and makes my skin feel soft and clean. Thanks BB for providing excellent ingredients to make my first soap project a huge success!! I already have some people asking me to make more!

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Good for soap, not candles

I love this fragrance in soap. It's very clean and comforting. So I made a whole bunch of candles with it, and they have no hot throw. It's a bummer because the scent of the soap is so lovely.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
I'm sorry this scent didn't work well in your candles. While all of our fragrance oils are safe for candles they are not designed specifically for them and often are tested in candles. We usually recommend making a small test candle to make sure you like the burn smell and fragrance throw. We also have a small selection of Skin Safe Candle Fragrances that are specifically designed for candles you can choose from.

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Candle Testing

I tested this at 6% in IGI 4360 wax. At this fragrance load the hot throw is very, very light and subtle. I’d prefer something a little stronger (and I’ll be testing further at higher loads) but I could see this being nice for someone that wants to cozy up with a nice, light comforting scent. It’s warm and just a little sweet, just like some oatmeal splashed with a bit of milk and honey.

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This fragrance is, quite literally, one of the best I have found!

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Kinda underwhelmed with this scent. Was expecting something more warm and sweet but this seemed very light. I think the worst part was the bottle started leaking randomly out of nowhere after having it for a few months. I didn’t do anything to it but left it in its original foam protection packaging that brambleberry sent me because I did not have time to use it yet and when I did went to go get it again, I discovered it leaked! What is with the brambleberry scents always leaking? I’ve had 2 leaked in transit before but this is the first time a scent has leaked just sitting in the package in my home.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
If you're looking for a strong scent you may prefer the sweeter Oatmeal Milk & Honey Cybilla Fragrance Oil. Though we would not recommend leaving the fragrance in the foam packaging, that is only to protect the bottles during shipment for a short time. To store FOs we would recommend keeping them upright in a cool dark place.