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I previously wrote a review stating that the bar was discolored because it didn't fully gel. I would like to change that review. After sitting a couple weeks the soap color evened out to my surprise! It smells awesome and lathers wonderfully. I don't think it's drying at all. Most of all, my customers love it! I will buy again!

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Dana! I'm sorry you had that experience. You are correct, because those comes as full loaves there is a chance they may have some partial gel since we can't cut into them to double check. Thank you so much for your feedback! Customer service will be email you directly to help resolve this issue :-)

Verified Purchase
Hard bars of nice smelling pretty soap with no moisturization.

These need to cure for about a week or more after cutting. Once cut they are the PERFECT consistency for the acrylic stamps! PROS: A beautiful hard bar of great smelling soap with stable lather. The gentle exfoliation of the rolled oats is great. CON: The formula is very drying to the skin. It has no moisturizing properties that I can feel. I've tried the Peppermint, Vanilla Select, Unscented, Sleigh Ride, Energy, Cranberry Fig and this Oatmeal Honey and all are the same - very pretty, smell great, have nice lather but have no moisturization. . It feels good while washing but after drying the skin you're left with visible dry, flaky skin. Not good. Maybe if the formula was changed to include a moisturizing oil like Rice Bran vs. the Palm Kernel or sunflower that would help. Rice Bran is equivalent in cost to the Sunflower and is known to add moisturizing and anti-aging properties without adding to cost. I use these to supplement my inventory during long cure times of

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Carrie! I'm sorry this soap was not your favorite and found it to be drying! We love our Oatmeal Milk and Honey loaf and the gentle exfoliation it provides with the bits of rolled oats. Though, it is a basic bar of soap. If you're looking for something with more premium ingredients to supplement your soap with you may like our Luxury Grated Rebatch Soap. I will email you personally to discuss this further.