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I was on the fence about whether I liked this or not. It is a nice smell but perhaps not one of my favorite. My sister, however, LOVES it. I made her some oatmeal, goat milk & honey soap and she loved it so much she asked that I make her some other products with it. I will be ordering some more and will add it to my list of "stock" scents that I keep on hand.

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Chemical smell

I've purchased this fragrance in the past and it was a nice light scent. I don't know if this scent was reformulated, but it has a strong chemical smell and does not smell at all like oatmeal milk and honey. I don't know what to do with this FO as I cannot use it in my products. Very disappointed.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
I'm sorry you weren't a fan of this scent. It hasn't been reformulated recently. You may like Oatmeal Milk and Honey Fragrance Oil. Some other great foodie scents include Cream Cheese Frosting Fragrance Oil and Blueberry Jam Fragrance Oil.

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Differnt oils used in FO have seperated

When I went to use this FO tonight, I noticed that it had seperated into layers. I tried to stir it back together with a pipet but there crystals in the bottom of the jar. I finally warmed the bottle in some hot water then shook it really well. It never really totally mixed and you could tell that the different FOs in the mix were not miscible with each other. I was making a small batch so I used it anyway. Will have to wait to see if it turns out OK.

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Joeana M.
Great calming scent.

Great for bath bombs, I was on the fence on this one when I bought it. Not anymore! It's such a creamy lovely scent I would recommend this. This would mix well with lavender too.

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Love this fragrance so much! Used in the melt & pour goats milk bar with some oat scrub. Gives off a wonderful fragrance in the bar that doesn't seem to be fading at all even after a month. Very soothing scent. Warning though, it did not play well with the shea body butter base, smelled like rotten milk!