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So yummy!

I cannot get enough of this scent! It might accelerate some, but that's just a good excuse to plan for doing a textured top.

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I LOVE this scent. Men love it and women love it too! Use it in a beer soap and its perfection.

Oatmeal Stout

This is a very popular fragrance and lasts for a very long time in cold process soap. BUT, NOT ONE I WOULD RECOMMEND TO NEWBIES. This fragrance moves EXTREMELY FAST. I have come to know it and deal with it, but honestly, you have to blend it in by hand as the stick blender will turn it solid in a short time. So blend by hand and then run to your molds. No color work with this one. Besides the smell, one of the things I love about it is the beautiful deep, rich mahogany brown color it takes on after curing. Watching it morph while curing is fascinating. Changes color every day. All this aside, I would recommend this fragrance.

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Bestseller all year round

EVERYONE goes crazy for this scent. Definitely one of my best sellers. Don't even bother trying to find this elsewhere for less $... none of them compares to this one!

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Fantastic fragrance

It definitely cures to a dark brown. I made the bars for some craft beer lovers, using a dark ale in place of H2O, so the color was actually perfect. The fragrance is wonderful. Reminds me of good yeasty, sweet bread with vanilla. The only drawback, is the lather has a distinct brown shade. The dark ale may have contributed to that. Although it does not stain, it makes for a bit of a messy looking soap dish. My husband and I enjoyed the fragrance so much, I whipped up another batch just for us. Not typical of me.