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Oh my gosh!

I can't stop sniffing this out of the bottle. Smells devine you can smell all the different notes. Making beer pops and maybe body scrub...I almost want to eat it! If you are having second thoughts on this don't, just get it.

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Mrs. Amber
Holy incredible!!!!

There are no words that could adequately describe how hands-down incredible this FO smells!!! And just wait until you get it OOB... It gets even better!!! I like to add a bit of kaolin clay directly to my FO's as a fixative, so while waiting for my lye solution to cool, I'll add the kaolin to my FO at this time as well to let the ingredients "marry". I walked outside for 10mins to grab the mail, came back in & OMG!!! The ENTIRE HOUSE was filled with the most delicious smell of Oatmeal Stout goodness!! This FO is strong & rich in personality, yet also cozy, comforting, soothing and nostalgic, all at the same time! The absolute PERFECT statement blend that brings you back to the inviting warmth of Grandma's kitchen! Smells OUTSTANDING in a beer base, & adding colloidal oatmeal took it to the next level of awesome! I did add vanilla stabilizer to this FO, as I added a bit of coconut milk at emulsion to lighten the beer base, & colored half my batter with cocoa powder. I wanted to achieve a cream-color design with cocoa-brown swirls, and I think it'll look marvelous! The whole process was a zen-like moment for me, as not only is this FO pure aromatherapy for the soul, but it's also a pleasure to work with! I had all the time in the world to "play", as this FO behaved exceptionally well in my recipe, which is a fast-mover on its own. 100% without a doubt, GET THIS FO!!! You will NOT be disappointed! I never want to be without it & will order this delectable fragrance again & again! I cannot sing it's praises enough!

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Happy Camper

Amazing scent!!! This is the first time I made a CP beer soap. The process was interesting with boiling the beer but it all worked out with the Guiness stout I used and enhanced the scent of the Guiness. Different layers of scent. Creamyness on top of the ale. The FO did accelerate trace but it worked with the layer and mica line I did. I have friends coming for New Years that are dark beer drinkers. Oatmeal Stout is their favorite I can't wait for them to see this soap. They love all the other soaps I make this one is going to be over the top. They won't believe it!! I am going to make this year round. Fun Soap and I love the fragrance ! Thank You BB!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

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So yummy!

I cannot get enough of this scent! It might accelerate some, but that's just a good excuse to plan for doing a textured top.

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I LOVE this scent. Men love it and women love it too! Use it in a beer soap and its perfection.