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Fantastic! Editing to add one issue

This is a customer favorite! Please keep this fragrance! It does discolor very dark brown and mildly accelerates but still fine to work with. I use it in a beer soap and the dark color just goes with the fragrance...yummy! Adding, after having done quite a few batches of this, it does sweat out the top of the soap every time and has to be wiped down after curing. I've made a lot of different kinds of soaps and this is the only fragrance that has done it and it does it every time. Not a big deal, just a little extra work to clean up the bars. My store sells 20 different soaps right now and Oatmeal Stout beer soap is far and away the best seller!

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Oatmeal Stout Fragrance Oil

This is my Bramble Berry go to scent. I use it in my Guinness Stout soap. It discolors to a beautiful brown but if you use titanium dioxode or zinc oxide in the upper quarter of your soap it looks like a freshly poured stout. It smells amazing but does not have the bitter tones of stout.

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My Favorite BB Fragrance

Hands down, this is Brambleberry's best fragrance oil. So unique and complex, each note is blended to perfection, capturing the essence of a fresh draught of oatmeal stout. The scent is strong, soaps beautifully and is a favorite during the fall and winter months. It's not a foodie scent. It's really in a class by itself. Most foodie scents to my nose morph when CP soaped and take on a plastic/vomit note. Not this one. The scent is authentic, does not morph (in fact it's better in soap) and sticks forever. Hopefully you won't discontinue this scent like the other beer scents. I sorely miss Raspberry Porter and Pumpkin Ale.

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Smells amazing

Used this in a beer soap and it smells amazing. Performed well.

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Oh goodnees, I cant even describe how good this one smells. its hands down my favorite scent! Its so warm and yummy smelling. Smells good mixed with Spiced Apple Cider Fragrance Oil, also a top favorite of mine.