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Super popular

Customer favorite. Very sweet, almost a bakery scent


This really does smell good enough to eat! I don't smell a beer smell, which is great, lol, it smells kind of like a butterscotch bread or cookie, with a little whiff of a fruity note at the end, yummy yummy yummy!!!! Smells more complex than i can describe, I sure wish it was lip safe! Brambleberry scents are the best best best, PLEASE make some more lip safe scents! You could really start with this one!!!😀

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Jenn M
Cant stop smelling!

I made a loaf of CP Guinness soap with this fragrance and I can not wait to use it! The smell is wonderful, and is holding up really well so far. I see what others mean by a delightful unisex smell, it truly is! You won't be disappointed!

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Good blend for OMH Soaps

I accidently spilled a bit of this on my coat when I was at Otion, BBs stand alone store in Bellingham WA. I smelled like it for the rest of the day. Thanksfully, I LIKED the scent, and it didn't give me a headache. I had been looking for an alternative to the traditional Oatmeal, Milk and Honey FO, which I think smells like play-doh. I decided to do a blend of Cybila Almond and 10% oatmeal stout. It's a great combination (go lightly, both scents are strong). I think the stout smells decidedly of butterscotch. I much prefer it to the traditional OMH scent, and my customers do too.

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Fantastic! Editing to add one issue

This is a customer favorite! Please keep this fragrance! It does discolor very dark brown and mildly accelerates but still fine to work with. I use it in a beer soap and the dark color just goes with the fragrance...yummy! Adding, after having done quite a few batches of this, it does sweat out the top of the soap every time and has to be wiped down after curing. I've made a lot of different kinds of soaps and this is the only fragrance that has done it and it does it every time. Not a big deal, just a little extra work to clean up the bars. My store sells 20 different soaps right now and Oatmeal Stout beer soap is far and away the best seller!