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Lovely Scent

I love this scent! I have learned with problem fragrances take a cup or so of your warmed oils and put your scent in it first and let it sit awhile. I also reserve a bit extra of my oils from the batch just in case. I followed that protocol with this scent and had absolutely no problems with this fragrance. It soaped beautifully no pricing or acceleration. It did get a bit thick at the end but I was pretty much done by then anyway.

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Did not like the scent

Liking (or not) a scent is very subjective. I had such high hopes for this one. However to me it smells like those kinds of toilet fresheners that you hang inside the toilet bowl. The scent to me had 0 sophistication, very cheap smell like a chemical cleaner. Was looking for a fresh salty grassy crisp scent and the Ocean Rain seemed like it would fit the bill. Alas.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
If you're looking for your rain fragrance to have more green notes you may prefer something like our Kentish Rain Fragrance Oil or Sea Moss Fragrance Oil.

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Major acceleration

As the description says this one will take off like a rocket so plan ahead. That being said it smells wonderful! Very fresh and clean. Nice and gender neutral too.

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I did the recommended steps for FO that behave badly - this still wanted to seize in the pot. The scent was ok - neither loved or hated it. Not worth the headache though.

This Scent is a Winner!

I made a salt scrub and used this as my scent. smells wonderful! Mixed together nicely with the Stephenson Castile Liquid Soap Base and even when I was done and cleaning up, my hands ended up smelling wonderful. Not overpowering, spa-like, more relaxing--just like listening to the ocean breaking on the beach! I would think this would appeal more to women than men if you use it straight, but I'm thinking you could blend it with Lime or another citrus type scent and the guys would like it too!