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Ashwinder Kaur

How much teaspoon per should should this be used in cold process soap?

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Not thrilled

I was really hopeful this product would give me a nice natural green, since the reviews are so good. And sometimes it does. However sometimes instead of green specks, the specks are nearly orange - ick! Even within the same batch of soap, half the specks can be green and half can be orange. I like the tone of the color, and I like the freckled look. But I wish it were more consistent. I even keep it in a dark place since I know that herbs can loose color with light exposure. Not sure what I could do differently. :(

Kelley White-Ricks
Great color green~

Wonderful additive and makes a lovely green whether added to a clear or a white melt and pour soap base. Unless you are using large amounts of this selling soap for a business; this will also last you for a good while so it is a great value. I use this, and or Spirulina in different combinations as a natural color option for my Holiday soaps as well as my Cucumber Melon.

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Lovely Greens!

I adore the natural greens this creates. I just used it in melt and pour soap and created a light, almost lime color with a very earthy look. Just gorgeous. Blends easily and looks beautiful.

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can i use this in lip balm as a colorant? I wonder if i can use herb or fruit powder in lip balm