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Love it

I infused chamomile in my BB pomace and it was beautiful. I think i will buy the pomace from now on. I just can't trust anyone else's OO.

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No acceleration here!

I soap at very cold temps and was kinda hoping this would speed up trace for me also because my soaps use a lot of olive oil so it takes a while for them to get to trace, but nothing it was like working with regular olive oil. Will use this from now on i love the price and the richness of the product. The oil was very green i saw that and though oh god there goes the creamy white color i get naturally from the soaps but it didn't effect the color at all. When i was pouring the olive oil it went from green to golden so its just green looking because there is so much of it.

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Good Olive Oil!

I am perfectly satisfied with Brambleberrys OO. The batch I received was a slight green/tan color and I was able to easily plan that into my color schemes. I purchased the 35# bucket. It was easy enough to open. I divided it out into Gallon OO buckets I had save & cleaned to reuse. Worked perfect for me! Good quality OO and a good Price. I waited for a sale to counteract the shipping since I live further away. Love Brambleberry!

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Great Castile Soap!

Just as in their castile soap article, when using regular olive oil from the store, only 1 of 4 came out ok. The rest was all thrown out. I purchased Brambleberry's and it's awesome! I've made 3 loaves and it's great! This is my go-to olive oil for soap from now on!


i normally use the pure olive oil and have never had a problem with it. But I decided to try the olive oil pomace, because of the price difference. I will not make that mistake again. I have about 10 'basic' recipes that I make on a regular basis with no problems. However, when I used the pomace in my regular recipes it turned into a disaster. The rate at which trace was achieved was so fast that you had to hurry and pour, or it literally started to harden in the pot. I had to have my husband help me because i could not actually pour the soap into the molds i was having to take the soap to of the post i giant spoonfpoon

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Shelly! I'm sorry you had problems working with this product. As noted on the product page Pomace Olive Oil tends to move quickly in cold process soap recipes. If you want more time to work with I would recommend using the Pure Olive Oil. I will email you personally to discuss this further.