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I started with olive oil because one of my basic bar recipies called for it, and I was ready to start experimenting with other oils. So, yes, I got the Pomace 1) because it was cheaper than regular olive oil and I'm on a budget, 2) because I'm not doing complicated swirles, acceleration in cold process wasn't a problem, and 3) because I liked the idea of "second squeezings" from the olives. Well, it did accelerate so I'm glad I checked the labels on my fragrance oils to make sure they wouldn't, too! However, if you're like me and are still doing simple designs (or just using pretty molds while you experiment wiht different batters) then Pomace is a good place to start. I found it (and coconut oil) produced a very silky bar, which I find myself running fingers over whenever I have an opportunity. I recommend this particularly for people soaping just for their families: the acceleration means you can more easily squeeze a batch of soap into your busy schedule.

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Sandra Lynn

Omg how adorable are these 35lb pink buckets?! I personally love this kind of olive oil in soap, it does move a bit quicker. Soap at room temp for sure!

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good in cp soap and bath bombs

I like the idea that Pomace uses what is left after the olive oil is made. I feel that is environmentally friendly. I like oils that are made from kernels or seeds that would be thrown out. I don't understand the claim that it makes a hard bar of soap. It is the same as olive oil in that regard, and must be balanced by an oil with a higher stearic acid content.

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Very consistent quality

I have purchased a lot of this OOP and love that it consistently makes good quality soap. The color does vary some but it doesn't darken during storage like some oils have. My biggest surprise this shipment was the new PINK bucket! It's cute, but I was looking forward to a few more white ones for the letter holder around my dressage arena. Oh well, might just have to find a way to use pink!

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Great oil for soaps and the best price around!