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which do I Need For Conditioner

Well I put excellent because I didn't want to knock something before trying it! just have a very hard ? I've read that optiphen is just good for bacteria but not yeast and mold. I've read that Optiphen ND is good for mold and fungi but not bacteria! So, my ? is do I have to buy both to put into my hair conditioner??! You don't offer Optiphen Plus which says covers all which means Broad Spectrum. Will yall help me? Thanks!

Great in lab colors... What about sugar scrubs?

I bought this to use in lab colors, which I'm having a blast with. Very easy to use and no issues whatsoever. I know this is for water based products, but I'm wondering if I could use it in a very basic sugar scrub,. If so, I'm thinking if my scrub is 200 grams, I'd add 2 teams of Optiphen ND? Thanks!

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Great Product

I have had no problems using this in my lotions. It is clear, runny and easy to pour and I haven't noticed any scent. I love it! :)

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No problems

I switched from Liquid Germall Plus for several reasons but one being it was too sticky to measure such a small amount in my test lotions. The Optiphen ND is much better to work with. It's more runny than the Germall making it easier to measure and scoop out. I'll be sending our next batch of lotion using this preservative to the lab, which will be the true test. I did not find a smell to be bothersome. If there is one, it is ever so light and with fragrance and oils, not to be noticed.

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smells bad

I bougth this about 2 months ago, I don´t know if the product got rancid, I was using Optiphen and I didn´t have any problem, I decided to change because is a water base lotion, but this time with the ND the final lotion smells very bad, is like acid, it is the same formula and the pear fragance just conbine with that smell.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Adriana! I'm so sorry you had this experience with the Optiphen ND. I went out to the warehouse to smell it because I wanted to know exactly what you were talking about. While there is a slight scent it was not overpowering and did not smell what I would imagine acid to smell like. The scent was faint and would easily be able to be masked by your fragrance. I will email you personally to resolve this issue.