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Had I known

I am pretty new to the lotion scene so I ordered from the Soap Queen page that gives you the option to buy everything for the recipe. Great! Except when I get everything together and ready to use I find that this particular product, which you need with lab colors is not included in the basket. Now I have to put everything aside just to order a product that should have been included in the first place. You may want to edit the list for others that order from Soap Queen.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Thanks so much for calling our attention to this. We will let our website team know.

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Difficult to work with

First may I say that I love Brambleberry and all of the wonderful products they carry! This one is very difficult to work with in lotions as it can destabilize the emulsion causing your batch to curdle. I have learned that I can only add it after 120 degrees F and not a degree above, in fact about 118 seems to be good. I love that this is a formaldehyde free paraben free preservative, but I have ruined so many batches due to this product. It also does have a slightly off-putting odor, but that seems to fade over time usually. I haven't found a better product yet however to substitute it with. It's just not my favorite, but thank you Brambleberry for all your other amazing products!

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
I'm sorry you've found this preservative to be troublesome to work with. It definitely should not be deactivating at that low of a temperature though. Customer service has contacted you directly to help troubleshoot.

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Optiphen ND in Shampoo

I just purchased the Optiphen nd to use in my shampoo and conditioners. Is this product suitable for these to creations? Also I purchased the regular Optiphen for my body butters and hair oils. Does the regular Optiphen work well in these products? This is my first time using preservatives I really want to make sure I purchased the right preservatives.

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Optiphen ND

It works well with the lotion I made but I'm a bit concern if use optiphen nd to my lotion does it protect from bacteria als, I read that optiphen nd protects from mold,yeast and fungus.Do I need to combine optiphen and optiphenND to make sure my lotion is well protected from all those yucky microbes etc.?Please help.

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which do I Need For Conditioner

Well I put excellent because I didn't want to knock something before trying it! just have a very hard ? I've read that optiphen is just good for bacteria but not yeast and mold. I've read that Optiphen ND is good for mold and fungi but not bacteria! So, my ? is do I have to buy both to put into my hair conditioner??! You don't offer Optiphen Plus which says covers all which means Broad Spectrum. Will yall help me? Thanks!