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Beautiful Scent and Well Behaved!

Orange Blossom is a beautiful scent. I live in Florida and it smells like a real orange blossom. I look forward to trying this in conditioner next! Thanks Bramble Berry for such quality products we can count on!

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Amazing in candles

I was asked to create bridal shower favors with an orange blossom scent specifically. Some others I tried smelled more like the fruit than the blossom. I made 4 oz candles with a soy, coconut, beeswax blend and this scent was lovely! I just reordered as I am planning on keeping this one in my regular line-up! Thank you!!

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SomeTyme Place
Smells gorgeous

Update: I have now been using this fragrance for 3 years with zero trouble. This one is a big seller for me, so I always keep it in stock. There will be trouble should this ever be discontinued:) I love this fragrance and am anxious to see how it sells. I've used it in two cp batches this week with no issues. I have recently found my troubles with florals go away if I soap at 80. I did with both batches of this soap and had zero acceleration. I brought to thin trace and stirred in the fragrance. Both times I would have had plenty of workable time to do a swirl, but I had different plans. It really does smell lovely!

Amanda Melendrez
Broken Lid

So I really want to give a good review, but I just can't. I love the scent! But the first time I used it the lid crumbled apart like it had been sitting in the sun too long. I now have a large 8oz bottle that I don't know what to do with!

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Delicate scent

This scent was amazing when I opened the bottle!! I had read the reviews so I was ready to soap quickly, I didn't have any problems pouring and molding my CP soap. I have some bars that are about 5-6 months old and the scent is still holding well, I would say it is a lovely fragrance!!