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I LOVE this!!

I got this to add to my body scrub recipe and WOW I am in love with the faintly bitter yet citrus scent of this! I always thought the orange essential oil itself smelled too candy-like so this addition really helped! It is a pretty fine powder so it mixed very well. Turns honey brown in a body scrub with oil. Just put the 1lb bag in my cart!

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Nice Accent

I received this as a dry sample in my soap order and have been using it in my cold process soaps that have 10x orange EO. I can't smell a thing but never used it for a scent. I like the little specks it gives and the boost of orange color to the 10x Orange essential oil. I'm adding this to my cart now. If it does exfoliate, it's very mild, not something I feel on my skin.

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Jean L
smells nothing like orange has a strong bad smell

I purchased (2) of these bags for the express use of intensifiing the orange smell in my melt and pour soap. All went well when I added the orange essential oil but the batch was ruined when I added this orange powder! I thought maybe the orange essential oil would overpower the strong not orange smell of this powder and I could utilize the scrub advantage. The whole batch ceased to smell like orange before I even poured it! wish I could return at least the bag that is unopened for a refund. I only used about a teaspoon from the first bag. don't know what to do with the opened bag because the essential oil will not overcome the bad smell.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Jean! I'm sorry you did not like the scent of this product. We love our Orange Peel Powder and its wonderful exfoliating properties, as well as its smell. Though, the smell can be surprising as it's from the peel which is more bitter. not the sweet, juicy smell of the orange's fruit. We found that the smell is easily overpowered by fragrance and essential oils, especially when used at the "strong" amount from our Handy Dandy Fragrance Calculator.

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Fantastic in Melt & Pour!

This stuff is amazing and worked way-better than expected in an orange themed soap I made over the weekend. Everyone loved the soap and it's now a new favorite! In clear bases (like the honey base) - it disperses more evenly than it does for the shea butter M&P - but it looks neat in either one, especially when paired with orange mica and 10X orange oil.


Most of my CP soap has EVOO as the majority oil. Needless to say, most of my batches tend to end up a yelowish tint once the lye mixture is added. This ground orange peel works so very well as an exfoliant but also as a gentle colorant for those of us with frangrance sensitivities. Will order again!!