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Works great

This works easily for my wax tart melts. I love how easy this is to use, but I can never remember how much I grated for a previous batch, so I be sure to say that the item is handmade! I just add it to the heated oil, and if it doesn't melt as I stir, I heat for another 7 to 10 seconds and I can see the shreds start to swirl. Is there something I can use for yellow though? I seem to use this for everything citrus! Thank you Bramble Berry for another great project that's easy to do!

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It's an arm workout!

I got the orange dye block so I can make Pumpkin Pie wax tarts! I was excited because I'm used to using color blocks for my MP soaps.... It is NOTHING like color blocks! Be prepared for a massive workout to shave all of this! It would probably be easier to use a cheese grater instead of the scraper pick tool... Also if you want orange be prepared to scrap a lot! My first batch turned out Mac and cheese yellow-orange because I was impatient. :(

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Leanna! These blocks are indeed harder than our Color Blocks. Using a cheese grater is a great way to shave these blocks! If you found that the color was not deep enough, I would recommend mixing in some red wax and a very small amount of black wax. Thank you for your feedback!