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Great Oil

This is an excellent oil, but I was wondering if this oil is sustainability harvested ?

Packaging Woes

I used these flakes for the first time this weekend. I loved how easy they were to measure, and they melted easily. I had no problems at all with melting that a couple of other reviewers had. My only complaint would be the packaging. I had to repackage the flakes in a zip top bag to keep them secure. The bag packaging the some products come in may keep costs down a bit but it makes it a pain to store them.

Easy to incorporate into recipe

I've ordered these PK flakes twice and love them!! Very easy to add into your recipe for extra hardness. So much easier to use than the oil. Next time I order I will be buying a larger amount. The price is great too!

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I LOVE using these, but the manufacturer is a key factor...

I've been using Palm Kernel flakes for a number of years now, and I love what this oil brings to my soap. Like Mary, I had an issue last fall with my Palm Kernel Flakes not melting correctly.. they were taking longer to melt and solidifying almost immediately. (I had noticed a change in the packaging of the Palm Kernel Flakes with that supply order) I masterbatch my soap recipe, and I had to fight with over 220 lbs of oils (56 batches of soap) to be able to reorder. (To say that it "sped trace" would be an understatement) When I reordered supplies, I noted that the packaging had returned to what I had been used to getting on my previous orders. In all the years I've been ordering from Bramble Berry, there was only this ONE order where I had encountered an issue with this product, and it was because of a change in manufacturer. I'm happy to see that this has resolved, and I haven't had any issues with the last 50 lb box I ordered.

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Spoiled batches after using this

I am very disappointed, my sister and I ordered this because we were all out of our red palm oil and thought that this would be an easier alternative, but we made 5 batches this weekend, and all of them didn't turn out. I don't know what we are doing wrong, it happened after using this product in our soaps. Please help. :(

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Shelly! I'm sorry this product was giving you trouble in your cold process soap.  In our tests and recipes we found the Palm Kernel Flakes help to make a beautiful hard bar of soap as evidenced in the Tiger Stripe "Hanger" Swirl Tutorial.  It's important that the Palm Kernel Flakes are completely melted before adding to your other oils when making cold process soap.  If it is not completely melted your soap can have pockets of oil, while the rest of it is lye heavy!  I will email you personally to help troubleshoot!