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HARD bar!

I used 2oz of this stuff in a big 4.5 pound of soap (along with 2oz of palm oil) and man oh man I am now going to be incorporating this stuff into all my recipes. But damn i turned my back on my loaf of soap and BOOM it was gelling. I have never had any of my soaps go into gel phase so needless to say i freaked. And put it in the freezer... gel still going strong. BUT as long as my essential and fragrance oils don't get burned out of the soap I DON'T CARE. gel away soap!

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I too would like to know if these flakes are sustainably sourced. I'm guessing they are, but I want to make sure I don't incorrectly label my package.

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Great Oil

This is an excellent oil, but I was wondering if this oil is sustainability harvested ?

Packaging Woes

I used these flakes for the first time this weekend. I loved how easy they were to measure, and they melted easily. I had no problems at all with melting that a couple of other reviewers had. My only complaint would be the packaging. I had to repackage the flakes in a zip top bag to keep them secure. The bag packaging the some products come in may keep costs down a bit but it makes it a pain to store them.

Easy to incorporate into recipe

I've ordered these PK flakes twice and love them!! Very easy to add into your recipe for extra hardness. So much easier to use than the oil. Next time I order I will be buying a larger amount. The price is great too!