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Sweet Sweet Pink

I have been trying to order this color since the beginning of summer, ever since I got a tiny taste of it from a sample pack. Sadly, it won't be available for a few more weeks, so in the meantime, I am hoarding it and using it sparingly on tiny projects using my MP soap. Please have more asap!

Sampler pack

I received this color in the rainbow mica Sampler pack. I only make cp. The reason for my 3 rating is that I haven't been able to use the product.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Kaliopi! I'm sorry you haven't a chance to use this product yet - it's such a pretty pink! While the Party Pink Mica will disappear in cold process soap there are still some ways you can make use of it. Mica painting is a great way to use morphing colors, see an example in our How to Mica Paint on Cold Process Soap tutorial. You can also try creating/pencil line with the mica, learn how in our Striped Berry Champagne Cold Process tutorial.

Verified Purchase
Read Description Entirely

I'm sure this is a good product as all Bramble Berry products I have ordered have been. But boy, you are right about not using in CP. Wish I had read the whole description. Started nice and pink, all of a sudden I was back to cream color again! Added another batch of color----- still cream! Came to web site read product description------ AH HA!!!!!!!! Lesson learned here.