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Amazing, but now I'm sad.

My customers absolutely love this fragrance in my homemade lotion, it was the first one to sell out completely! But now that it's being discontinued, it's kind of bittersweet, like a good book that you don't want to end. I'll continue to buy and use this FO, and when I'll run out, I'm sure I'll find another one that people will love even more. Thanks BB!

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Exactly what it promises

This scent is very fruity, in the best way possible. Sometimes scents can be a bit too fruity for me, and I was worried about this one... but I love it! It is very fruity, but in a very balanced, lovely fun way.

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love this fragrance

I paired this with a frankincense and it came out great in this special shave soap I made. I used beeswax also it was the perfect combination. The soap I made with a mixture of pottasiam hydroxide and sodium hydroxide and put bambussa coconut lanolin coffee butter,kokeum butter, beesjojoba,grapeseed,avocado oil,Hempseed but not too much I don't really like that I used very little and very little olive oil pomace. Oh I used your heavy gold glitter. Too bad I can't post a pic. It looks and smells wonderful I did a hot process and used a bubble wrap mold. I'm very new to soap making only 4 weeks and made so many cool things so far.and I owe most of my knowledge to your cool store. I am a chef so i really like the hot process because i feel like im in control of what happens good or bad so far its been really good. But some of the cold process stuff you do blows my mind and i will be trying some more of that too. I am very thankful for your free instructions you post.That is so cool of you

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I recently paired this with Grapefruit Bellini and it works wonderfully with it. I made two separate batches of melt and pour soap and placed them in the gift boxes together. The bellini went into my large candy hearts and the passionfruit was in the little hearts and my x's and o's. I will recommend that if you put these two together don't skimp on the fragrance cause the Bellini has such a strong presence. But it smelled so yummy. I love it.

Yummy in Lotion

I just used a sample of this in Argan & Shea Lotion - Very Yummy!! I want to keep it for myself and not sell it, but if it's a hit, I will just have to make more - and save some for myself. If anyone has used it in CP, I would love to hear how it behaved.... I'm looking forward to trying it myself.