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Smells amazing but accelerated fast

I used this in a CP soap and it accelerated so rapidly, I barely got it into the mold in time. First time ever for me. It smells amazing, though. Still have some left, and I am going to make some lotion and lip balm with it. I wish I had ordered more, because I want to put it in everything.

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A very true blend to the real flower

I have to re-rate this blend. Some days ago I was walking in my garden and for the first time I smelled something very strong, delicious, narcotic, hard to explain,... was the passion fruit vine in bloom, and this oil smells just like it. I will use it more

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Sweet and Light

This is an interesting fragrance/flavor. It reminds me of iced tea served at a "ladies luncheon" with a hint of fruit and a hint of floral. It worked well in a body spray but I had to double the amount I use with other oils to get any kind of throw. I think I'll try it in a lip-balm next since that is the original intent of this one.

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Nik Fauzi
Love It

Love the scent except that it was not that strong like the other scent. Need to use more to really make it stands out.

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Passion Rose

When I got this scent in the mail I was unsure if I liked it or not. Once I put it in my soap I instantly loved it! Its very light and refreshing! When I poured it into my mold it reminded me of when you walk in Jamba Juice and all the fruit you smell. I love this, it might be my new favorite (: