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Michelle B
Not my cup of tea

To each their own, I just wanted to put my two cents amongst the glowing reviews (which certainly influenced me to purchase it). It doesn't suit me as a flavor, AT ALL, but it seems "ok" as a fragrance. Not sure if I'll manage to find a use for it though.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
You can definitely use our Passionfruit Rose Fragrance And Flavor Oil as just a fragrance in other products like soaps, lotions, bath bombs, etc. If you're looking for a more traditional flavor oil you may prefer something like Chocolate Orange Truffle Flavor Oil or Cucumber Melon Flavor Oil.

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it is DE LI CI OUS!

I love it, my customers love it! Last long. And smells really like passion fruit!

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The most amazing thing EVER

I can't live without this now. Everybody loves it, a top seller. It smells good and tastes good and it just FABULOUS.

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Love it!

I used Brambleberry's swirl mix, mixed the colors first then added the fragrance to each color. Some acceleration but had time to do a drop swirl in the mold. Love this in lip balm, bath bombs and on CP soap.

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When I orders this I was a little scared because I really do not like a rose sent but love love passion fruit and when I got it omg loved it used it in my hot process soap and wow , now I am fascinate with it that I ordered 3 more bottles of it so I won't run out. Not a rose scent just a wonderful tropical with just a very light rose note . Love love love it.