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Nerdtastic Craftations
Perfectly Soft

I used this color in the SFIC Goat's Milk M&P base for my Princess Peach themed soap & I was very pleased with the soft creamy peach color. I used 1/4 tsp to a 2lb batch & the color was perfect. Wish we could upload a picture with our reviews.

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The color doesn't come through at all in CP soap which was disappointment #1, then i realized carmine (grounded beetles) were in it and was grossed out. Will be throwing the rest of this out!

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Light Shimmery, Pink Color

I love this color. It's very light and shimmery when you add just a little, perfect for a slight tint. I use this in my lip products. If you add more, it turns it a great shimmery nude color! Super fun to play around with and great to mix with other micas to create an awesome color. :)

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Perfect Peachy Shimmer!

I love this mica! I have been making soaps and lots of other bath products for a few months now. Yesterday I made my first eye shadows. I used this mica, coral, copper, rose gold, and mermaid blue. My customers want to know if these are "all natural". Could you give me some more info about the colorant ingredients on these. I understand that the whole earth (as well as us) is made of chemicals! I wish we could change our language and start using "safe chemicals" or something of the sort. I like to use as little ingredients in my products as possible, but just because they are "natural" doesn't mean they are problem free for everyone. If you're allergic to lavender, you're allergic to lavender. You know? :) Anyway, any layman's terms info I could get would be great! Thanks so much!

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Really Disappointing

I expected a shimmery peach color in my melt and pour soaps, but what I got was a dull light beige--no shimmer whatsoever. Very, very disappointed.