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Love this fragrance!

I make a Basil Berry Soap that my parents request every year. I make a full batch just for them. I've tried giving them other soaps, but they always come back to this one. It smells refreshing and it holds the scent! It does act up, but if you don't panic and use a whisk to stir it a bit, it will blend in nicely! Glad to see that it's phthalate free now!

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Great Kids Scent

I use this in a sea turtle children's soap, and everyone loves it!! I am so pleased that it is now phthalate free!!! Thank you Brambleberry :)

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My soap didn't turn out

This scent is amazing but I made 3 batches of soap, all with the same recipe but 3 different scents. All of my other batches with this same recipe turned out just fine except this one. My soap gelled like normal but the next day I went to take it out of the mold and my soap was very oily.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Amanda! I'm so glad you think our Pearberry Fragrance Oil is amazing! We love it too! This scent can act up in cold process soap, causing white streaks which can easily be defeated with some extra stirring. It sounds like the fragrance oil did not get fully mixed into the batter and separated to the surface overnight. I will email you directly to help troubleshoot!

Wonderful scent. Misbehaves some but worth it

What a fantastic scent. After reading the reviews I mixed with my oils first then added lye water and quickly stick blended. It got thick pretty fast but not terribly. I separated into thirds. Added color to 2 and mixed by hand. The liquid from the color made it just manageable enough to mix thoroughly. It was still thin enough that I was able to do an "in the pot swirl" and pour into my mold. I had some left so I made 3 cupcakes with it and actually had to wait for the mix in the bag to thicken before I could pipe the tops. Well worth the minor extra effort of mixing with oils first and mixing color by hand.

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be ready for FAST trace!

this one smells wonderful in CP soap. It turned to thick trace as soon as the FO hit my batter. ended up having to rebatch because it had fragrance oil pockets. I found the trick to making this one work the is adding the FO to your OILS first and stick blend really well to mix. THEN add your lye/water and hand stir with a whisk. behaves better and NO problems this way. will order again because the scent is so wonderful!

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Tanya! I'm so glad that you enjoyed this scent. In our tests, we did not experience any acceleration or seizing, I'm sorry that this fragrance misbehaved in your batch! I always recommend adding your colorant first, then mixing in the fragrance with a whisk :)